The 5g mobile phone in use suddenly has no signal. What’s the matter? Recently, many users in Sichuan have encountered such problems, because the 5g base stations of operators have been upgraded, and the 5g mobile phones that only support NSA standard can no longer be used.

According to surging news reports, Mr. Wang of Ziyang, Sichuan Province, told the media that the 5g mobile phone bought by China Telecom last year could no longer use the 5g network after half a year’s use, so he was forced to use 4G. However, in other provinces and cities, 5g network can be connected.

Can 5g base station not use 5g network after upgrading?

For this problem, the staff of China Telecom Ziyang business office said that from December 25, 2020, Sichuan Province began to switch from NSA network to sa network. After the change, the customers of the original NSA terminal will not be able to continue to use the 5g network and need to change to sa terminal.

As for the base station upgrade problem, the staff said that from October 27, 2020, all localities began to remove the target users by calling home and customers coming to the store to inform users of the network upgrade and other related information. For Mr. Wang, who has already purchased a mobile phone, he said that he was not clear whether the notification was not in place.

For users unable to use 5g network due to base station upgrade, the staff member said that they can only buy the latest 5g mobile phone of SA network. It is suggested that users go to the nearest business hall to learn about the purchase activity and handle it.

Popular science: the debate between NSA and SA

NSA means non independent network, SA means independent network. In NSA networking mode, operators will use 4G and 5g to share the core network for 4G and 5g integrated networking; SA is a 5g independent network.

China Unicom officially conducted a special science popularization. In short, both NSA and SA are 5g networking modes

1. NSA is a non independent network with mature technology and can cover a large area;

2. SA is an independent network, which is still in the experimental stage, and it takes time to achieve basic coverage.

China Unicom said that there is no true or false 5g, and NSA is also a 5g technical standard formulated by 3GPP. NSA mobile phone can not be replaced or upgraded SA, but it does not affect the normal use of nsa5g network.

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