“Late” Apple’s press conference finally started at 1:00 a.m. Beijing time on October 14.

Of course, the reason why iPhone 12 is late for broadcasting may also be due to the impact of the video.

As a photographer and photography enthusiast, I have a high expectation for the image part of the iPhone 12 series. Finally, four new models have been waiting for, namely, the iPhone 12 mini, the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 pro, and the iPhone 12 promax.

In recent years, under the pressure of Android camp, apple still keeps the pace and rhythm of iPhone update.

On the one hand, it benefits from the exclusive nature of IOS ecology, on the other hand, it also shows Apple’s strong confidence in self-developed product technology. All previous Apple conferences have focused on the above characteristics.

The same is true at this conference. The iPhone update has some regrets, but there are still quite a few highlights. In particular, the video part has brought us a lot of surprises, especially as a photographer and photography enthusiast, I am deeply impressed.

It is the highlight of the image part that enhances the status of the strength of the iPhone 12 series, especially the iPhone 12 Pro Series. So you may not understand, it doesn’t matter. If you look down, you may find the answer you want.

Camera: hardware is the guarantee of strength

This video system can be said to be the biggest upgrade of the iPhone 12 Pro Series. It is precisely because of the powerful imaging system that the “pro” of the iPhone 12 Pro is created, and the largest iPhone 12 promax is more powerful.

In terms of hardware, the new wide-angle camera is equipped with a larger f / 1.6 aperture, and the long focus is further upgraded from the previous generation of 52mm to 65mm, bringing 2.5 times optical zoom.

If you go from a 13mm super wide angle lens to a 65mm telephoto lens, you can achieve a 5x optical zoom, making you a step closer to the scene.

Camera is the guarantee of iPhone 12

In terms of anti shake, the iPhone 12 promax has ushered in a huge upgrade, ushering in a new optical image anti shake system, namely OIS.

It was originally used by high-end digital SLR cameras. The sensor displacement can bring stability to the sensor. This implementation on mobile phones can be said to be a great surprise.

This time, the main lens not only supports the sensor shift sensor anti shake, but also is equipped with optical anti shake.

It seems that the main camera and video recording will take off this time! It also greatly improves the low light shooting performance by 87%. Of course, the data on the hardware may not be able to convince you, so let’s take a look at the software algorithm.

Algorithm: take good pictures easily

If the image hardware of iPhone 12 Pro is a fierce tiger, then the software system and intelligent algorithm behind it add a pair of wings to the tiger.

This time, Apple has added a killer feature to its new iPhone, called appleprraw. The photos taken by iPhone 12 Pro can get a good photo rendered immediately, or the raw format can be processed in appleprraw.

If you want to have your own ideas, you can retrieve all the original information and edit the photos. If you want to save time, the automatic effect is still excellent.

This gives users more options to meet their needs: take photos in raw format like photographers, or take advantage of Apple’s intelligent computing photography technology.

In this process, the depth and tolerance of raw are fully utilized, but the user will hardly notice the shutter delay, because the file will be calculated and generated while taking pictures.

Even if the automatic processing of photos is selected, it still retains the photographer’s full creative processing of the color, details and dynamic range of the photo, because the result of the automatic processing of the algorithm is only a photo parameter, rather than directly synthesized into the photo.

Users can edit directly in the photo app or choose a third-party app. This is a milestone moment of mobile photography. How can we not be excited by the seamless integration of raw format, which represents the late demand of photography specialty, and the algorithm of mobile intelligent late stage?

Video shooting: more colorful dynamic images

Do you want to pick up the iPhone 12 pro to show your shooting skills?

Don’t worry, there are still bright spots in video capture: the iPhone 12 Pro video can maintain a resolution of 4K and 60 frames, and supports Dolby HDR video shooting and 1 billion color video shooting.

Previously, we knew that high-end video capture devices supported this function. This is the first time on mobile phones, which can be said to be a huge breakthrough.

In addition, in the iPhone 12 pro, you can not only shoot, but also edit. You can also directly add a filter to integrate the whole process from pre shooting to post editing in one applause device.

This would have been a huge test for the performance of the iPhone 12 pro, but the a14bionic is not vegetarian, and it can be easily handled.

Lidar lidar scanner: Based on the present and looking forward to the future

Speaking of this, we should be able to feel the iPhone 12 Pro imaging system is powerful, but not what is missing.

Yes, the iPhone 12pro supports lidar lidar scanners. It first appeared on the new iPad pro and is now equipped with the new iPhone. This technology can measure the time required for light to reach an object and reflect back, and can scan and analyze the depth information of space more accurately.

First of all, we can use it for auto focusing in low light scenes to improve the focusing accuracy and reduce the focusing time. In the future, in the dark light scene, focusing will no longer need to worry, and can be easily handled, and the improvement can be up to 6 times.

Taking pictures and taking videos in depth of field mode can also give you a better experience.

As for the application in AR scenario, it naturally helps to complete the environment drawing. According to Apple’s description, the project time can be changed from weeks to hours, and the cost can be reduced by more than 90%. It sounds like a bright future.

However, it still needs time to achieve. Maybe it can become an essential productivity function in the future. Let’s look forward to it.


This apple conference, the iPhone 12 series is undoubtedly the main protagonist, and the concentrated display of the strength of the iPhone 12 series, especially the iPhone 12 pro, is in its image part.

From this, we can realize that the essence of mobile phone photography has not changed. The core is still that the process is easy to use and easy to shoot at will, but the result is a step closer to the expensive professional imaging equipment.

Moreover, it is not only the amazing presentation of imaging results, but also the integration into the same device from the early stage to the later stage to the display. To some extent, the other technologies displayed are also the closed loop of service and this.

For example, lidar lidar scanner helps focus, 5g technology makes sharing process more convenient and fast, excellent screen quality shows extraordinary imaging results.

It’s this kind of closed-loop logic that creates a great use experience on the iPhone that people can’t stop. This time, the iPhone 12 series has taken a big step forward in this direction on the basis of the previous generation.

The above is my understanding of the iPhone 12 series and a summary of the core highlights. What’s your opinion of the iPhone 12 series? Welcome to discuss in the comments section!


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