From September 1st to 3rd, the 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (hereinafter referred to as 2022 WAIC) was held at the Shanghai World Expo Center. Cambrian brought a full line of "cloud edge terminal" smart chip products and a number of industry ecological cases and solutions to the 2022 WAIC.

2022 WAIC, with the theme of "Intelligent Connected World, Metaverse Unbounded", aims to fully grasp the development trend of the integration and mutual promotion of artificial intelligence and the Metaverse, connect and gather the latest views and achievements of artificial intelligence in the world, convey the innovative concept of boundless symbiosis, and show Shanghai A beautiful picture of the intelligent age. As a world-renowned emerging company in the field of smart chips, Cambrian has been invited to participate in WAIC for four consecutive years. At the 2022 WAIC, Cambrian, with the theme of "Car-Cloud Collaboration", focused on displaying intelligent processors and chip products including "cloud-edge-end" full computing power coverage, numerous industry solutions developed based on Cambrian chips, Diversified artificial intelligence hardware products, etc., demonstrate Cambrian's core technical strength and landing ability in the field of intelligent chip design. At the same time, at the 2022 WAIC Chip Summit Forum held on September 1, Dr. Chen Tianshi, Chairman and General Manager of Cambrian, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Car-Cloud Collaboration, Using Chips to Help Smart Car Upgrade", and introduced in-depth The ecological development layout of smart cars in the Cambrian under the concept of car-cloud synergy.

Car-cloud synergy, using "core" to support faster upgrade of autonomous driving "With the popularization of artificial intelligence, the demand for artificial intelligence computing power is increasing exponentially. Facing such a development trend of intelligent industry, what Cambrian has done, It is to provide product support with full computing power for the intelligent development of various industries." Dr. Chen Tianshi said in his speech. The Cambrian's full computing power layout, cloud-side-end-car integration, unified software development platform, and R&D strategy of training and reasoning integration not only provide powerful computing power for the intelligent upgrade of various industries, but also provide Cambrian car cloud The coordinated on-board chip layout provides support.

Dr. Chen Tianshi believes that in the field of autonomous driving, computing power has become the core driving force. International leading car companies have increased the deployment of computing power in data centers, and cloud data centers have become the core infrastructure for autonomous driving research and development.

"On the one hand, more powerful cloud computing power supports the training of larger and more complex autonomous driving models and facilitates the realization of high-level autonomous driving. Our data center can provide one-stop tool chain and data closed-loop solutions from raw data management to algorithm model verification, enabling continuous development and iteration of data, algorithms, and models. At the same time, the autonomous driving model is continuously updated through remote OTA. Opening up more functions can continuously upgrade the driving experience of consumers and enhance the competitiveness of OEMs.”

Dr. Chen Tianshi said: "It is foreseeable that in the next five years, we will see four major trends in autonomous driving. First, the automatic driving system of L2+ will be rapidly popularized and will exist for a long time. The overall penetration of L2+ and above in the next five years The rate may exceed 50%, and L4 autonomous driving in restricted scenarios begins to land, and L2+~L4 exist in parallel. The second trend is that the algorithm for autonomous driving is more complex, the amount of data processed increases exponentially, and the demand for computing power continues to rise. The three trends are that the vehicle-road-cloud collaboration achieves a closed loop of big data, and the driving experience continues to upgrade. The fourth trend is that in order to meet the individual needs of consumers and enhance the differentiated competitiveness of manufacturers, the demand for self-learning on the vehicle side continues to increase. Realize 'Thousands of Vehicles, Thousands of Faces'."

Under this trend, Cambrian Xingge, a subsidiary of Cambrian Holdings, has actively deployed and accumulated four core advantages to meet the different computing power needs of the smart car market. In this regard, Dr. Chen Tianshi gave a detailed introduction:

1. L2+~L4 full series chip layout. Cambrian Xingge has a wide range of products in the future, which will cover the full range of L2+~L4 chip combinations, and will also provide computing platforms covering different computing power requirements of 10T~1000T, providing different customers with powerful and flexible computing power options. 2. In-depth customization. Cambrian Xingge can also deeply customize and optimize some key IPs for the car-end scene to maximize the driving experience with the same power consumption. 3. Vehicle-cloud collaboration. Cambrian Xingge has a significant advantage, that is, the autonomous driving chip of Cambrian Xingge can cooperate closely with the existing cloud training products of Cambrian. The vehicle-cloud collaboration system based on the Cambrian cloud and vehicle-end product lines will realize the data closed-loop faster, and then quickly realize the upgrade and iteration of the autonomous driving model. It can be said that vehicle-cloud collaboration can maximize the upgrade of autonomous driving customer experience.

With the help of vehicle-cloud collaboration, closed-loop data and continuous optimization of AI models can be achieved. In the cloud, Cambrian has its own training chips and cluster products. On the car side, the in-vehicle smart chips and computing platforms provided by Cambricon Xingge in the future will support the online reasoning of AI models. Through vehicle-cloud collaboration, vehicle-side data can be quickly transmitted back, enabling rapid iterative upgrade of AI models.

4. Efficient development. Cambrian also provides a unified software development platform, customers can easily develop the corresponding autonomous driving models in the cloud, and the models can also be quickly deployed to the car through a unified basic software system, which can help customers to omit some of the different platforms. It can greatly reduce the iteration cycle of automatic driving model upgrade and improve the development efficiency.

In addition, according to Dr. Chen Tianshi, in the future, Cambrian will also add the road test unit led by edge smart chips on top of the vehicle-cloud collaboration to form a larger-dimensional "vehicle-road-cloud" autonomous driving system. "It can be said that the vehicle-road-cloud collaborative autonomous driving system requires us to connect the processor ecology, the underlying computing power ecology and the ecology of basic software platform development, otherwise the future development of autonomous driving will become relatively inefficient. Like the Cambrian In this way, with a unified chip architecture and a unified software platform, autonomous driving will become more efficient." Dr. Chen Tianshi said.

Cloud-side-end-vehicle collaboration

At the end of the speech, Dr. Chen Tianshi also revealed the information of three new "Cheyun" products under development by Cambrian and Cambrian Xingge, namely the new generation cloud intelligent training chip Siyuan 590 and L2+ autonomous driving and parking integrated chip SD5223 And L4 high-level autonomous driving multi-domain fusion platform SOC chip SD5226.

According to reports, Siyuan 590 adopts the new architecture of MLUarch05, and the measured training performance has been greatly improved compared with the flagship products on sale. It provides larger memory capacity and higher memory bandwidth, and its IO and inter-chip interconnection interfaces are also better than the previous generation. Substantially upgraded.

The SD5223, an entry-level chip for L2+ integrated autonomous driving, provides 16TOPS computing power, higher DDR bandwidth, automotive-grade visual processing, and low-power natural heat dissipation, and is suitable for 8M IFC/5V5R/10V5R and other product forms.

In addition, according to the new demand changes in the market, Cambrian Xingge has upgraded the specifications of its high-end autonomous driving multi-domain fusion platform SOC chip SD5226 for the L4 market, and its computing power will reach more than 400 TOPS, using 7nm process, Advanced AI architecture adapts to algorithm evolution.

Landed in multiple fields, using "core" to help the industry to upgrade rapidly. In addition to Dr. Chen Tianshi's wonderful sharing on the forum, there are still a lot of things to watch in the Cambrian booth. In the Cambrian exhibition area, the low-power, low-latency, high-integration edge products Siyuan 220 series, high-end reasoning products Siyuan 270 series, large computing power training products Siyuan 290 series and a new generation of training and pushing integrated Siyuan 370 The series were all unveiled, and the exhibits covered mainstream products including Cambrian cloud smart chips and accelerator cards, training machines, edge smart chips and accelerator cards. The strong product strength attracted the audience to stop and visit.

Among them, the first Cambrian chiplet smart chip Siyuan 370 and series of accelerator cards made their debut at WAIC. With their excellent technological innovation and application development capabilities, they were successfully shortlisted in the 2022 SAIL Award TOP30 list.

Siyuan 370 is the third-generation cloud product of Cambrian. It adopts 7nm process technology. It is the first artificial intelligence chip in Cambrian using Chiplet technology. The maximum computing power of Siyuan 370 smart chip is as high as 256TOPS (INT8), which is twice the computing power of Siyuan 270, the second-generation cloud inference product of the Cambrian era. At the same time, the Siyuan 370 chip supports LPDDR5 memory, and the memory bandwidth is 3 times that of the Siyuan 270. It can allocate more energy to the artificial intelligence chip within the limited power consumption range of the board and output higher computing power. Siyuan 370 smart chip adopts advanced Chiplet chip technology, supports flexible combination between chips, and achieves the commercial use of multiple smart accelerator card products with only a single tape-out. The company has launched 3 accelerator cards: MLU370-S4, MLU370-X4, MLU370-X8, which have carried out in-depth application adaptation with domestic mainstream Internet manufacturers.

In the ecological case display area, Cambrian joined hands with a number of partners to select a number of representative industry solutions for key display, covering the Internet, smart driving, smart finance, smart energy, smart logistics, smart animal husbandry, and smart computing. Several major areas of the center fully demonstrate the landing strength and ecological layout of Cambrian technology.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the autonomous driving solution based on Cambrian chips was also officially exhibited at this conference. The solution is completed by Cambrian, Cambrian Xingge and partners, covering urban roads, urban expressways, expressways and other driving scenarios, which can meet the needs of customers to quickly build autonomous driving application prototypes and autonomous driving solutions.

Autonomous driving solutions based on Cambrian chips attract attention

At the same time, Cambrian also cooperated with many well-known partners to showcase hardware products such as cloud servers and edge computing devices equipped with Cambrian chip board products.

Cambrian unites various partners to showcase hardware products

From the gradual enrichment of the "cloud-edge-end" product line, to the new layout of in-vehicle smart chips, to the ecological closed loop of "vehicle-cloud collaboration", Cambrian is gradually expanding its own technological boundaries, gradually growing and becoming mature. Taking this conference as a platform, Cambrian has not only demonstrated its own technical strength, but also handed over a beautiful transcript in the application of technology and the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. In the future, Cambrian will also work with industry partners to deeply explore the possibilities of Cambrian products and ecology, jointly expand new formats and new models of industrial digitalization, and contribute new strengths to promoting the intelligent upgrade and transformation of various industries.

Reviewing Editor: Peng Jing

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