Due to the hidden operation environment of the cable line, the imperfection of the operation data and the limitation of the channel test equipment, it is very difficult to identify and investigate the parallel cable trench in the same path. When the cable line fails, although the fault point can be found through the equipment positioning, due to the unclear identification of the site and the influence of the well environment, the well where the fault cable is located cannot be confirmed, resulting in road accidents Wrong digging and wrong opening make the efficiency of cable fault treatment low, but also bring negative social impact.

Cable management system based on RFID

In 1983, such an accident happened in Texas, because there is a tornado season every year in Texas. Once, thousands of cables in a small town were damaged by a tornado. After the accident, the repair of these cables just needs one-to-one correspondence with the cable interface. This not only caused a lot of trouble to the cable repair department in Texas, but eventually they repaired them, but we can learn from it In fact, we can find that the cable management problem is very difficult and obvious. Even now, the problem is still not easy to solve.

According to statistics, the proportion of cable failures due to urban construction, channel fire and theft is as high as 76%, which is higher in some old and large cities. In the past, if the number of cables in the background database room was in thousands, it is now more than 100000, which is a very severe test for cable management. If there are faults and cable function problems, how to find the corresponding cables in 100000 level data cables is a big project. At present, in the daily cable management, the normal inspection is difficult to be in place; the inspection responsibility can not be clearly implemented; the accidents are often sudden, and the high-level management personnel bear great work pressure in the large-scale power outage and the emergency repair of key users.

Cable management system based on RFID

On this issue, RFID will show its powerful functions and advantages.

Through UHF RFID technology, more accurate reading ability and longer reading distance can identify smaller RFID tags. Engineers only need to install a small RFID tag on the cable, and then use UHF handheld reader display or LED beacon to quickly find the corresponding problem cable.

Cable management system based on RFID

RFID cable management, the passive UHF electronic tag that records the attributes of the cable is firmly bound to the cable, and the industrial UHF handset is used to read the electronic tag information bound to the cable, so as to quickly determine the attributes and information of the cable, and provide a reliable scientific management means for cable inspection, rapid repair of cable faults, and inventory of cable asset system .

Cable management system based on RFID

In the process of management, inspectors can realize the efficient management of the whole process from inspection defect discovery to defect treatment, reduce the workload of operation and maintenance personnel, improve the work efficiency of daily operation and maintenance management, ensure the standardization and normalization of operation and maintenance management workflow of operation Department, and improve the efficiency of daily operation and maintenance management; Realize the rapid positioning of cable path channel information, effectively improve the background digital and information management level of cable path channel, and provide guarantee for the safe operation of cable line.

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