Apple mobile phone is on the market in a hot voice, and its biggest breakthrough is to add a new fingerprint identification system through the home key.

The iPhone has designed a halo around the home key. When the user touches, the halo will light up and automatically scan and identify the user’s fingerprint, so as to realize the user’s security and encryption. The encryption of fingerprints will not be uploaded to the server, but only on the local end of the mobile phone, which better protects the user’s privacy.

The tide of biometric fingerprint identification technology represented by touch ID hit the iPhone. On the second day of the press conference, Heather Adkins, Google’s information security director, publicly said to the outside world that “the password is dead!”

BYD will launch a touch chip based on fingerprint identification technology

At present, authentec, the world’s largest provider of fingerprint sensors, chips and modules, has been successfully acquired by apple. Authentec issued a notice to its customers, including Samsung, HP, Dell, Lenovo and Fuji, and will no longer supply products to customers.

The listing of iPhone 5S has also driven the layout of domestic enterprises in the field of “fingerprint identification”. It is reported that Hangzhou Shengyuan is a domestic technology original company focusing on fingerprint identification and overall information security solutions. Not long ago, Shenzhen Hanxing Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen ZTE integrated circuit design Co., Ltd. (ztic) jointly launched a USB key solution with fingerprint identification function.

In the field of touch chip, according to the information I learned, only BYD microelectronics and Duntai are actively developing “fingerprint identification” technology.

BYD will launch a touch chip based on fingerprint identification technology

According to Yang Yun, director of the third product department of BYD’s sixth business unit, BYD has developed the field of “fingerprint identification” for more than half a year and is now close to completion, “Soon we will get the samples first. At present, BYD’s work is to integrate the most effective packaging method, thinking about whether to take the apple scheme or the traditional concave scheme. Both schemes are compared and discussed with the supply chain. The products may be introduced to the market in May next year. Of course, it does not rule out that the time will be earlier.”

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