Recently, the technology of 1000 km endurance and solid-state battery is very hot. Some electric vehicle enterprises have started or will soon produce these new battery products. BYD is very low-key in this respect. However, a few days ago, they announced 283 patents, proving their strength.

According to the information of the State Intellectual Property Office, BYD has recently obtained 283 patent authorizations, involving solid-state battery, battery thermal management, automatic driving control system and other technologies.

BYD publishes 283 patents of solid state battery at one time

One of them is “a cathode material and its preparation method, a solid-state lithium battery”, the application date is July 17, 2019, the application publication date is January 19, 2021, and the publication number is cn112242519a.

According to the patent abstract, the invention provides a cathode material with a core-shell structure. The core is a positive active material, and the shell comprises a lithium containing transition metal oxide and Ti2O3. The ionic conductivity of the lithium containing transition metal oxide is higher than 10 − 8s · cm − 1, and it is higher than 3.0V. The lithium containing transition metal oxide can be delithiated to form an oxide, and the electronic conductivity of the oxide is higher than 10 − 8s · cm − 1 Higher than 10-6s · cm-1.

The invention also provides a preparation method of the cathode material and a solid-state lithium battery. The cathode material can simultaneously construct lithium ion transmission channel and electron transmission channel, which greatly improves the capacity, first cycle coulomb efficiency, cycle performance and high rate performance of solid-state lithium battery.

There is also a patent related to solid-state battery, which is called “a solid-state electrolyte for lithium-ion battery and its preparation method and solid-state lithium-ion battery”. The application date is July 19, 2019, and the application publication date is January 19, 2021. The publication number is cn112242557a.

According to the patent abstract, the present disclosure relates to a solid electrolyte for lithium ion battery, a preparation method thereof and a solid lithium ion battery. The electrolyte contains a substance with the chemical formula ali2s − MS2 · nH2O, wherein m is one or more of Si, GE and Sn, 1 ≤ n ≤ 12, 1 ≤ a ≤ 2.

The solid electrolyte has good safety performance and high energy density.

Judging from these patents, BYD has been preparing for the next generation of solid-state battery research for many years, and has mastered several different solid-state battery technologies. However, there is no information about the specific time of mass production.

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