PROFIBUS bus standard is adopted to realize unified bus communication in the factory. PROFIBUS DP is used for rapid processing and connection of control equipment, and PROFIBUS PA is used for process automation, field equipment loop power supply and intrinsically safe applications.

PROFIBUS PA and DP adopt the same communication protocol. In order to ensure their interoperability and allow equipment interchangeability, all kinds of transmitters, actuators and analysis equipment must use standardized PROFIBUS PA protocol.

Profibus Technology benefits you a lot

Bus for connecting control equipment and field equipment loop power supply

As a pioneer of Profibus Technology and a major manufacturer of PROFIBUS instruments, Endress + Hauser is your trusted partner:

● investment cost savings due to downsizing and reduction of components and cables.

● reduce design, engineering and commissioning costs

● reduce documentation and ex certificate requirements

● provide more flexibility, better measurement accuracy and higher production efficiency

● improve the utilization rate of the device through effective maintenance and repair

● simple equipment replacement, not affected by equipment replacement

Equipment integration

PROFIBUS equipment is connected to PLC system through PROFIBUS DP I / O card, PROFIBUS PA is connected by section coupler, and GSD files are provided for system design.

To ensure seamless system integration:

● PROFIBUS equipment is tested and certified in an independent laboratory certified by PROFIBUS user organization (PNO).

● our equipment is jointly tested with relevant control systems under typical operating conditions.

Equipment operation and management

PROFIBUS device information (parameters, status, etc.) can be accessed in the following ways:

● through FDT framework software, such as fieldcare, each equipment type is required to correspond to a DTM file

● operating tools through DD / EDD, such as asset management solution (AMS) and process equipment manager (PDM).

We provide DTMs, DDS and EDDS of PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA devices and ensure their availability in the above access tools.

Device drivers and certificates

The device description file and certificate can be downloaded through the network.

PROFIBUS technical training, a comprehensive technical training course plan:

● recognized in various industries according to practical operation experience

● special application and practice oriented

● independent manufacturer

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