Recently, the 2021 World Mobile Congress Shanghai (mwc2021 Shanghai Exhibition) was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Mwc2021 Shanghai exhibition can be regarded as the wind vane for the development of mobile communication industry. 5g, especially 5g millimeter wave, has made great achievements in the exhibition.

China Unicom, together with GSMA and Qualcomm, and together with 39 industrial partners including ZTE, Huawei, oppo and Zijinshan laboratory, creates the “5g millimeter wave makes ice and snow more exciting” zone, which covers all aspects of 5g millimeter wave system equipment, chips, terminals, modules, antennas and components. It is the highlight of the exhibition. Its exhibition content is another important milestone of China’s 5g millimeter wave development, which opens a window for further building domestic millimeter wave industry ecology, and will also help China Unicom to make industrial preparations for millimeter wave network deployment in the Winter Olympic Games.

Build another milestone of 5g millimeter wave development in China

The reason why mwc2021 Shanghai exhibition has set up a special 5g millimeter wave zone is closely related to the unique characteristics of 5g millimeter wave and the infinite possibilities it can bring. In the process of 5g innovative application, the requirements of high-capacity, high-speed and low delay services for communication network technology are constantly improving, especially the video based machine vision, VR / AR, games and other services, which have more urgent demand for high network bandwidth. Compared with the frequency band below 6GHz, millimeter wave has the unique advantages of larger bandwidth, lower air port delay and flexible flexible air port configuration. It can effectively meet the requirements of future wireless communication in terms of system capacity, transmission rate and differential application. It can support thousands of megabit rate, large capacity and low delay. More importantly, it can provide seamless connection with the cloud, Enabling new industry applications and user experience.

Build another milestone of 5g millimeter wave development in China

With 5g entering the year of accelerated popularization, millimeter wave has become the inevitable direction of 5g commercial deployment and technology evolution. At present, 5g millimeter wave has been commercialized all over the world. 5g millimeter wave networks and services have been deployed in the United States, Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. 130 operators around the world are investing in 5g millimeter wave technology. According to GSMA’s forecast, China’s economic benefits from using 5g millimeter wave band will reach about 104 billion US dollars by 2034. In addition, according to a landmark Research Report of GSMA intelligence, taking densely populated urban areas as an example, compared with only using sub-6ghz band, increasing millimeter wave deployment can save about 30% of the total cost of ownership for China’s mobile operators.

“Millimeter wave is an important part of 5g, and 5g is an important part of national development. As the only operator partner of the Winter Olympic Games, China Unicom is committed to carrying out the millimeter wave pilot test of the Winter Olympic Games scene, driving the accelerated development of the industrial chain. This time, we worked with GSMA, Qualcomm and other ecological partners to create 5g millimeter wave exhibition area, which effectively demonstrated the phased achievements of 5g millimeter wave industry chain development and laid an important foundation for accelerating China’s 5g millimeter wave deployment. ” China Unicom vice general manager buy Yanzhou said. In the future, China Unicom will continue to adhere to technological innovation, accelerate the large-scale commercial deployment of 5g millimeter wave, and work with the industry to continuously enable technological change and industrial upgrading in the 5g era.

According to Wang Jianzhou, senior consultant of GSMA, millimeter wave band has a large number of continuously available spectrum resources. The application of millimeter wave in 5g network can better meet the application requirements of Super bandwidth and super high speed“ Thanks to the joint efforts of more than 30 enterprises such as China Unicom and Qualcomm, the audience can enjoy the immersive 5g millimeter wave business experience, see the panoramic 5g millimeter wave industry ecology, and better feel the bright future brought by 5g! ” Wang Jianzhou said so.

5g millimeter wave industrial ecology more prosperous

5g millimeter wave exhibition is divided into six parts: sports experience, event presentation, high-speed transmission, good memory, terminal display, and environment construction. It comprehensively displays diversified application scenarios such as athletes’ competitive experience, 5g mixed reality smart snow field, 8K video transmission, 5g full view event service, and free view event live broadcast. The 5g millimeter wave applications and terminals supported by 39 leading enterprises in the industry show a new picture of China’s 5g millimeter wave ecological development.

Through the advanced 5g millimeter wave technology, visitors can experience the safe and comfortable alpine skiing, feel the high-speed pleasure of sprinting on the ice, and enjoy the romance of taking photos in the dancing snowflakes; At the same time, we can feel the 5g business of omni-directional, multi angle, slow motion and immersion.

The realization of these scenarios cannot be separated from the joint efforts of the industry. Qualcomm has always been one of the important forces to promote the maturity of 5g millimeter wave technology and ecological construction. From basic technology research and development, to early prototype and simulation system development, to today’s fourth generation of 5g millimeter wave supporting modems, RF systems and antenna modules, Qualcomm has always insisted on making millimeter wave mobility a reality, accelerating product readiness and commercial use, and fully supporting partners to launch 5g millimeter wave networks and terminals. It is worth mentioning that, from the mobile phones from one Canada, vivo, ZTE, TCL and other manufacturers, to the 5gpc launched by Lenovo, to the modules of mobile communication, guanghetong, Meige intelligent, and Xinxun, as well as the CPE products of ZTE, oppo, Meige intelligent, Guangyi Zhilian, and Jaguar, all adopt the 5g millimeter wave supported Qualcomm snapdragon 5g modem and RF system.

Meng Pu, chairman of Qualcomm in China, said: “this time, together with China Unicom, GSMA and other leading manufacturers in the industry, we will show the achievements and potential of 5g millimeter wave, which is the latest example of Qualcomm’s active investment in 5g millimeter wave technology research and development, commercial and ecological development over the past 10 years. Qualcomm will continue to work together with the expanding 5g ecosystem, fully release 5g potential by using millimeter wave and other leading technologies, and continuously enrich 5g terminals and applications, so as to accelerate 5g expansion and benefit more consumers and industries. “

The rich application scenarios displayed in the 5g millimeter wave exhibition area show the powerful technical capabilities of 5g millimeter wave, and fully demonstrate the extreme performance, rich applications and unlimited possibilities of 5g millimeter wave enabling “smart Winter Olympics” and other industries. With the implementation of many scenarios of 2022 Winter Olympic Games, the powerful capability of 5g millimeter wave will be fully tested, and more application scenarios will be generated, enabling all walks of life.

5g terminals and Applications

In addition to the breakthrough progress of 5g millimeter wave, with the joint efforts of the whole industry, China has handed over an excellent 5g “report card” — so far, China has built more than 718000 5g base stations, accounting for about 70% of the world. The number of 5g terminal connections exceeds 200 million, and 218 5g mobile phones have been listed.

5g advanced functions and features to truly benefit consumers and industry users, can not do without the rapid production and listing of 5g terminal. Since the launch of the latest generation of Qualcomm’s flagship snapdragon 8885g mobile platform in early December 2020, 120 5g smartphones using snapdragon 888 have been released or under design in just three months. At the mwc2021 Shanghai exhibition, Xiaomi 11, iqoo7, Samsung Galaxy S21, vivo x60pro + and other 5g flagship mobile phones using snapdragon 888 appeared at the Qualcomm booth, bringing industry-leading 5g, AI, game and video experience.

The success of 5g technology is closely related to the richness of application scenarios. At present, the innovation of 5g application continues to deepen, and the exploration of 5g application in consumption fields such as sports and entertainment, live broadcast of events and residential services is accelerated. Qualcomm is also working with industry partners to continuously explore win-win cooperation in vertical industries. For example, facing the 5g future factory, Qualcomm demonstrated the test results of 5g industrial Internet of things under the highly reliable and time sensitive network at mwc2021 Shanghai Exhibition. A number of terminals built by baicaibang, fuzhikang group, Gongjin electronics, yaxu electronics and Zhonglei electronics using the 5gran platform of Qualcomm were displayed at the exhibition stand of Qualcomm, These 5g small base station products can provide support for the transformation of wireless public network and enterprise private network. The release of 5g modules and other products based on Qualcomm snapdragon x655g modem and RF system by mobile communication, guanghetong, and core smart will also support the rapid implementation of the latest 5g technology in a wide range of Internet of things subdivision fields such as industrial Internet, high-definition video, telemedicine, driverless, and distance education, bringing more extreme 5g connection support for vertical industries.

4G changes life, 5g changes society, 5g will enable digital transformation and innovation of vertical industry. As Meng Pu said, in 2021, we will usher in a year of accelerated popularization of 5g – 5g will accelerate the coverage of more levels of mobile phones, accelerate the birth of more terminal innovation and applications, and accelerate the empowerment of a wider range of industries. With the joint efforts of Qualcomm and industry partners, 5g will not only improve the network connection speed of consumer terminals, but also enable innovation and development of all walks of life, develop more application scenarios, and open up unlimited possibilities in the era of digital economy.

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