Aiexpo2020 will officially open in Suzhou International Expo Center from August 14 to 16 this year. At that time, the conference will not only invite the industry’s heavyweight academic experts and well-known figures in Chinese and foreign business circles, but also the luxury exhibitor lineup created by the industry’s leading enterprises, as well as a large number of AI black technology new products. As the first offline AI Expo in the post epidemic era, the 2020 global smart Expo will inject new energy into the innovation and development of the artificial intelligence industry in Suzhou.

Accelerate the landing of AI industry, Suzhou plays the main melody of innovation

With the development of artificial intelligence technology gradually entering a mature period, how to make AI technology deeply embrace the industry has become the goal of whether the industry can further realize the value. As a pioneer in exploring the innovation and development of the AI industry, Suzhou has been making greater efforts in policy to support science and technology enterprises with industry-leading technology and products with good reputation in the market, and accelerate the implementation process of application scenarios of Suzhou’s high “smart” products. Relying on the inherent advantages of developed manufacturing industry and the favorable layout of big data and cloud computing industry, Suzhou is committed to building an ecological system of intelligent industry innovation, gathering forces to promote the profound transformation of vertical industry.

In recent years, the new generation of information technology industry led by artificial intelligence in Suzhou Industrial Park has a strong momentum of development, and its output value has maintained a growth rate of about 30% for many years. In 2019, there will be more than 200 artificial intelligence core enterprises in the park, with an output value of 32 billion yuan. The integration of artificial intelligence technology and the real economy continues to deepen, and the territory of digital economy continues to expand.

With the increasing improvement of industrial policy, the park has established an expert committee on Artificial Intelligence Application Innovation led by academician Gao Wen. Taking smart city as the breakthrough point, the park further deepens the opening of artificial intelligence application scenarios and helps the rapid development of the industry. As a professional incubation carrier, Huawei, Microsoft and other world-class AI leading enterprises are introduced into the park to ignite the enthusiasm of regional AI development and highlight the effect of industrial agglomeration. In addition, the park has made important breakthroughs in the fields of intelligent voice, NLP, machine vision and other core technologies, set up a number of high-level innovation centers, introduced and cultivated high-quality innovative talents, and escorted the innovation and upgrading of Suzhou enterprises in an all-round way.

Build Ai enterprise show and create new opportunities for intelligent development

Build Ai enterprise show and create new opportunities for intelligent development

In response to the national strategic plan for technological innovation of the new generation of artificial intelligence industry, and to accelerate the upgrading of Suzhou’s intelligent industry, the global smart Expo will be located in Suzhou for the third time. As the first comprehensive exhibition with high standard, specialization and internationalization under the banner of national development plan of new generation artificial intelligence in China, the global smart Expo is an international grand gathering of exhibitions, conferences, competitions, awards and performances. The holding of the global intelligence Expo will better help Suzhou to explore the transformation path and method of AI technology application innovation achievements, create a cross-border integrated intelligent economic form, and make the artificial intelligence industry a new engine to drive the economic development of Suzhou.

2020 global smart Expo brings together the strengths of all parties and actively provides enterprises with capital soil for intelligent upgrading. As the only centralized display window for building a new generation of national AI open innovation platform, the conference will gather leading enterprises such as Huawei, Baidu, Ali, iFLYTEK, Ming Lue technology, Shangtang, Kuangshi, Ping’an, Jingdong, 360 and tal to set up the wind vane for innovation and development for more Suzhou enterprises. The conference will also gather top experts resources, hold more than 20 professional forums and summit meetings, conduct academic exchanges, cover transportation, medical care, education, manufacturing and other hot fields, convey the cutting-edge voice of the industry, grasp the new trends of the industry, and create an international communication platform and exhibition opportunities for Suzhou enterprises.

The 2020 global intelligence Expo also has three industry heavyweight awards, namely, the top ten figures of the year of Chinese artificial intelligence, the top ten innovative enterprises of the year of Chinese artificial intelligence, and the “product Gold Award” of the global artificial intelligence product application Expo, aiming to stimulate the spirit of innovation and drive the rise of Chinese AI power. At the same time, the conference will provide AI black technology new product release platform for enterprises, and hold a number of science and technology performance banquets to build a higher level support platform for more Suzhou enterprises and products with innovative strength and leading technology.

As a practitioner of deep cultivation of artificial intelligence industrialization, Suzhou is committed to strengthening the industrial chain, arranging innovation chain, allocating capital chain, deploying service chain and planning substitution chain around the industrial chain, striving to become a domestic leading and world-class highland for the application and innovation development of artificial intelligence industry, and speeding up the integration of AI technology and urban life. Taking the 2020 global smart Expo as an opportunity, Suzhou will actively layout, strive to bring key changes to the digital transformation pattern of enterprises, create a high-quality artificial intelligence industry ecology, outline a new blueprint of smart city, and make AI a new business card representing urban culture.

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