As an important supplement to 5g communication technology, low-power Internet of things technology ushers in new development opportunities.

Full stack IOT technology and application service platform Zongxing technology announced that it and soxi technology, a semiconductor chip design company, jointly developed risc-v core and lpwan chip zetag cloud tag through advanced manufacturing process. At the same time, based on the only lpwan Internet of things communication technology zeta, which is localized in the whole stack in China, Zongxing Technology launched the zetaaiot suite store of “one-stop Internet of things application purchase platform”, and jointly developed standardized smart Internet of things suite with upstream and downstream partners to provide customers with multi scene and lightweight menu Internet of things application software and hardware purchase services, Help the digital transformation of all walks of life.

It is reported that there are more than 500 vertical technology partners, covering more than 20 countries and regions. As an effective supplement to 5g technology, zeta has been widely used in the construction of information infrastructure of new infrastructure.

Broaden the application boundary of IOT sensors at low prices

According to the Research Report of IDTechEx research, the global IC label shipment is expected to be 15.5 billion in 2018, and the market scale is expected to reach US $12 billion by 2020. At present, most IC tags widely used are passive types without power supply, but for more advanced applications, active IC tags with built-in power supply and sending signals from themselves are required. However, the price of conventional active tags is about several hundred yuan, and the transmission distance is less than 100m. Therefore, reducing the price and further improving the function is the problem of expanding the application.

Broaden the application boundary of IOT sensors at low prices

It is understood that zetag cloud tag cuts redundant functions without loss of performance, so as to reduce the cost to less than 30% of products of the same type.

In addition, zetag cloud tag eliminates the limitations of conventional active tags by reducing size and power consumption and improving performance. As a one-time tag, it can be widely used in the trillion market of goods flow monitoring, express package tracking, asset positioning and hazardous chemicals management.

Accelerate the deployment of Internet of things ecosystem

As we all know, the Internet of things industry is widely used, there are many upstream and downstream industrial chains, and the integration of the ecological chain of the Internet of things is the general trend. It is reported that zeta technology has been widely recognized in the international market. Zongxing technology established zeta Japan alliance in Japan in 2018 and zeta China Alliance in China in 2019, attracting more than 200 global enterprises to join.

Li Zhuoqun, CEO of Zongxing technology, said that zeta alliance is based on zeta Internet of things technology, combined with companies and groups in different links upstream and downstream of the global Internet of things industry chain, promoted the application of lpwa communication standard “zeta” to various vertical industries, and made full use of Zeta’s four advantages of “ultra-low power consumption, ultra-large connection, ultra-low cost and ultra wide coverage” to jointly build zeta Internet of things ecosystem.

The zetaaiot suite store released this time is not only an important engine for zeta alliance enterprises, but also the first step in the implementation of the strategy of building an Internet of things ecosystem. At present, zetaaiot suite store has launched more than 100 kinds of lightweight and standardized Internet of things solution suites with special topics such as safety, quality and efficiency according to different customer needs, mainly covering smart buildings, smart industry and other fields. It is reported that Dongfang Yanhua, milong technology, Huajian Shengyu, pailian, Riyou, Oufu, guanghelin, anzhibo and other enterprises have settled in zetaaiot kit stores. In addition, zetaaiot suite store will also export Internet of things solutions to overseas markets.

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