In the following content, Xiaobian will report the related news of switching power supply chip u6201. If switching power supply chip is one of the focuses you want to know, you may as well read this article together with Xiaobian.

1、 Introduction of switching power supply chip u6201

Electronic equipment is getting closer and closer to us, our life is almost inseparable from electronic equipment, choosing a good electronic equipment is very important for our current state of life, so choosing a good switching power supply chip is also important. Xiaobian recommends UnionPay’s switching power supply chip u6201, which adopts “efficiency balance” processing to reduce the efficiency difference between high and low voltage input under light load and realize the efficiency balance between high and low voltage.

1. Double chip planning and bipolar transistor planning are adopted to reduce the cost of products; large scale MOS digital circuit planning and e-pole driving mode are adopted to drive bipolar crystal chips to improve the safety of high-voltage switches. Full withstand voltage.

The built-in slope compensation circuit ensures the circuit stability at low voltage and high power output.

3. Built in self power supply circuit, without external power supply to the chip, effectively reduce the number and cost of external components.

4. The built-in ramp current drive circuit reduces the power consumption of the chip and improves the power of the circuit.

5. Built in high-voltage maintenance, when the input bus voltage is higher than the maintenance voltage, the chip will automatically shut down and restart with delay.

6. Built in over-current maintenance circuit, anti overload maintenance circuit, output short circuit maintenance circuit, temperature maintenance circuit and optical coupler failure maintenance circuit.

7. Built in PWM oscillation circuit and frequency jitter function ensure excellent EMC characteristics.

8. High voltage and constant current starting circuit is integrated in the chip, so there is no need to add external starting resistor.

9. The built-in frequency conversion function can reduce the working frequency actively when standby, and reduce the output voltage ripple when meeting the European green energy standard (0.3w).

2、 Brief introduction of switching power supply chip knowledge

In order to enhance the understanding of switching power supply chip, this paper will introduce the related content of switching power supply chip.

AC / DC power chip conversion is to convert AC to DC, its power flow can be bidirectional, the power flow from the power supply to the load is called “rectification”, the power flow from the load back to the power supply is called “active inverter”.

DC / DC power supply chip converts fixed DC voltage into variable DC voltage, also known as DC chopper. There are two working modes of chopper, one is pulse width modulation mode, TS unchanged, change ton (general), the other is frequency modulation mode, ton unchanged, change TS (easy to produce interference).

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