The US es9023 is a single ended 24bit stereo sound frequency digital to analog conversion DAC chip, with 2Vrms output driver operational amplifier integrated in the chip. Sabre digital to analog conversion technology advanced in the industry is adopted; It integrates sound quality and high cost performance, making it an ideal choice for digital to analog conversion.

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Es9023 is not only the guarantee of safety quality and long service life, but also a strong guarantee that the actual performance can reach the design goal;

The patented hyperstream architecture and time-domain jitter elimination technology are used internally to achieve jitter free recording level sound quality, with a dynamic range of 112dB.

Principle block diagram:


Es9023 brings the best audio with the lowest system cost and the highest performance to ideal d/a converter line level output applications, such as Blu ray player, cd/dvd player, set-top box, digital TV and audio receiver.

Us ess DAC chip – es9023 features:

① Sabreadc and 2Vrms op amp driver integration

② Patented hyper streaming and jitter elimination architecture

③ Adjustable output level; Ground reference output

④ Dedicated control / status pins

⑤ I2S or left aligned selection

⑥ Soft mute enabled; Zero detection output

⑦ Charging pump providing negative power supply

⑧ Low power consumption in 16-sop

A charge pump is integrated in the chip to generate negative voltage, which can directly output 2Vrms from the reference ground line under a single power supply, eliminating the coupling capacitance of DC voltage isolation. Moreover, the output amplitude can be set to less than 2Vrms through resistance according to actual needs; The on-off noise can also be fully suppressed.

Special control / status pins allow easy integration into the system without single-chip control; No microcontroller programming is required.

Es9023 has high index, good hifi index of decoder, excellent parsing and good level, which is deeply loved by the vast number of businessmen and enthusiasts (especially the data party). provides you with high-quality chips. If you want to learn more about relevant content, you can contact us to obtain relevant products, inquiry sheets and apply for samples.

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