When the smart community enters the era of artificial intelligence, product categories become more and more abundant, and the corresponding application fields are wider. Jifang Industrial Control is committed to providing customers with overall solutions for intelligent products, and providing highly customized products and services according to local conditions.

A brief analysis of AI smart community solutions

Smart Parking Solutions

Through the Internet of Things sensor controller, mobile payment and other technologies, it can effectively help property companies to achieve easy management and control of parking hardware of different brands in the market, convenient financial management, and flexible connection with ERP and financial systems.

Smart old-age health robot

Combined with the actual situation of the community, using AI and big data and other technologies to provide customized services for the elderly through the platform carrier of robots, it can better meet the needs of the elderly in the community, such as daily entertainment and leisure.

Intelligent security equipment

Integrate face recognition, silent living, infrared recognition and other technologies to realize intelligent access control, intelligent monitoring, intelligent attendance, unified monitoring and management, and provide efficient, reliable and intensive intelligent security access control management solutions.

Property management system

Relying on the concept of the Internet and AI, it provides one-stop system development solutions for properties, including digital community + government services + convenient life, closely linking property community services and residents' lives.

Jifang Industrial Control Intelligent Product Solutions

edge computing box

Jifang Industrial Control's three series of industrial computer: onboard CPU, desktop CPU, domestic industrial computer, modular design, customizable use scenarios, product series have been widely used in smart communities, smart manufacturing, equipment automation, smart medical care, etc. an area.

Reasons for choosing Jifang Industrial Computer:

Fanless cooling design, professional-grade copper-aluminum cooling process

Low power consumption, high stability; no cables, more reliable

Localization upgrade, data wireless networking

AI accelerator card

As the application of artificial intelligence has shifted from relying on supercomputers in the past to edge computing, various computing cards have appeared, each showing its magic, which is also due to the tremendous progress in edge computing power and the formation of distributed computing frameworks.

Intel Movidius X VPU launched by Jifang Industrial Control

Intel 11th generation Core Tiger lake-U i7 -1185G7 + VPU hybrid computing card

AI server

Jifang began to participate in the construction of high-density video analysis server and computing card all-in-one machine as early as 2018, and can customize multi-processor solutions for customers.

For more information, see the company's official website www.szgifa.com

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