February 1, 2021 – bridgetek’s latest generation of embedded video engine (EVE) graphics controller is highly recognized. Riverdi, the leading optoelectronic manufacturer, has launched a new display line based on the recently released Eve chip bt817. These industrial grade displays are aimed at challenging high-end applications, but are positioned at attractive prices equivalent to commercial grade products.

Due to the high precision of bt817 chip, the new riverdi display can support 1280×800 pixel resolution. The method of treating the displayed content as a series of objects can significantly reduce the data overhead involved. In this way, it is transformed into a very compact solution, which greatly reduces the number of components and speeds up the response speed.

Kamil Koz, chief technology officer of riverdi ł “By working with bridgetek, we have been able to develop a display family that can set new benchmarks,” owski said. The highly integrated Eve solution means faster response time and higher resolution level, while saving valuable PCB space and having lower power consumption. Therefore, we decided to adopt a platform approach and apply it to the whole family product line, from smaller units to the largest format. “.

Fred dart, founder and CEO of bridgetek, added: “it’s clear that the user experience people are familiar with when interacting with consumer products also raises expectations for HMI in other areas. Higher resolution displays and faster response are now widely used in different fields. That’s why the value of our bt817 and bt818 to OEMs has become so obvious that they have the opportunity to meet the requirements of their customers without the need to occupy too many circuit boards or high-power, complex and expensive subsystems. “.

Eve based riverdi displays come in a variety of sizes, from 3.5 inches to 4.3 inches, 5.0 inches and 7.0 inches to 10.1 inches. In plane switching (IPS) technology is used to achieve brighter output (up to 1000 CD / m2). It also means that these units have enhanced color rendering and wider viewing capabilities. Optical bonding technology is integrated into display components for standard configuration, even single components, so it can prevent condensation, reduce internal reflection, improve optical performance, and provide higher durability. In addition, the capacitive projection touch screen in these displays allows touch interaction through 15mm thick protective glass, and also supports the operation of wearing gloves.

With the help of bridgetek’s innovative thinking, the new riverdi display has been optimized to meet the most demanding tasks. They will be used in medical diagnostic instruments, home health monitoring equipment, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, industrial automation systems, vending machines and other fields. In addition, these products have strong electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) immunity, and the operating temperature range is – 20 ℃ ° C to + 70 ° C。

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