Brazil’s agricultural state of goas has launched a pilot project to use Huawei’s 5g technology and equipment to improve productivity and take rapid action against diseases.

The launch of agricultural support applications for soybean growers comes as the Brazilian government is considering whether to ban Huawei equipment at next year’s 5g spectrum auction.

Brazil Telecom considers banning Huawei equipment

Tiago Fontes, Huawei’s Brazil marketing director, said 5g communications would enable agricultural producers to collect information through sensors installed on farmland, harvesters and drones, making it easy to cross use weather and humidity data to improve crops.

Combining high-speed broadband communications with real-time cloud data processing allows farmers to get information that took three days to get in an hour, so they can take quick action to deal with diseases and other threats to crops, he said.

“We launched this application for soybeans to show how 5g, used with drones, can increase productivity and reduce herbicide costs.” He said.

According to government sources quoted by Sao Paulo daily, Anatel, the telecommunications regulator, proposed rules for spectrum auctions in the first half of 2021, which did not exclude Huawei.

Brazilian telecom companies such as Claro are opposed to banning Huawei devices.

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