[tianji.com it News Channel] for the popular real wireless Bluetooth headset, there is a saying on the Internet:

At a glance, the advantages and disadvantages of major Bluetooth headset brands are as follows:

Advantages of airpods: the brand is hard, and it has strong quality; disadvantages: expensive

Beats advantages: high face value; disadvantages: make complaints about sound quality.

Jeet advantages: good quality, strong Bluetooth performance, continuous connection; disadvantages: straight man

Advantages of Huawei: seamless connection with mobile phone; disadvantages: too wide business line and insufficient focus

Sony advantages: unique appearance; disadvantages: often “anti human” design

It can be seen that one of the most attractive advantages of many big brands such as airpods, beats and Sony is that they have high appearance and strong style, which means that there are many “Yan control” hidden around us.

Some people look at their faces and others look at their performance. Therefore, this is why there are so many brands and so many real wireless Bluetooth headset products on the market.

Chapter 1 performance

Let’s talk about the performance first. After all, if the Bluetooth headset is not strong in performance and unstable in connection, it can’t be used even if it has high appearance!

In terms of performance, we mainly need to see whether the Bluetooth version of the headset is Bluetooth 5.0 or not, as well as the delay. If you try to play video and play games, you can feel whether the delay is large or not, subject to the fact that it does not affect the game experience.

1  JEET Air Plus

The biggest highlight of Jeet air plus Bluetooth headset is the super luxury hardware configuration. The 399 price is equipped with high-quality qcc3020 chip. Its advantages are not only the support of apt-X and AAC coding technology, but also good performance in transmission speed, connection distance and delay. In addition, Jeet has recently updated the “delay optimization” firmware. I use it to play games and watch movies. The sound and picture synchronization are relatively consistent. The ultra-low delay rate is almost undetectable. It can be said that it is the best partner for leisure and entertainment.

In addition, Jeet air plus is equipped with a full frequency hifi moving iron unit, which is really rich in sound effects! The bass is full and thick, the middle frequency is soft and natural, the high frequency is bright and transparent, the sound is purer, the listening feeling is more delicate, the details are more abundant, and the weariness will not be caused by listening for a long time.

2 millet air2

Xiaomizhen wireless Bluetooth headset air2 and MIUI are deeply customized. Open the charging box next to the mobile phone, the mobile phone will receive a pop-up reminder, and the power of the headset and charging box can be viewed in the pop-up window. After the first connection, open the charging box to automatically complete Bluetooth pairing and connection.

In general, with miui11 system, you can achieve the same animation pop-up window as apple, which is very good. Although the sound quality is general, but with millet ecological chain, the animation alone is worthy of praise!

3 lolipods

The appearance design of lolipods is really like apple airpods. At first, I didn’t like it, but it also used high-pass chip, and its performance was good. After experiencing it, I couldn’t escape a sentence of “true fragrance”.

In terms of sound quality, lolipods uses a new back guided acoustic design to make up for the inherent deficiency of low frequency of semi in ear earphones. Combined with cvc8.0 noise reduction and dual mic array, the ambient noise can be automatically reduced according to the call scene, so that the voice transmission is clearer, the details are richer, and there will be no ambiguous call.

4  FILL T1

This kind of earphone is mainly for sports. The earplug part is combined with the special design rotatecure ear wing developed by CNIs Ergonomics Laboratory, which can firmly fit the auricle. The silicone earplug is soft against the skin and does not squeeze the ear canal. The whole earphone is ergonomically designed. It is comfortable to wear, and its waterproof performance reaches ipx6. No matter sweat or rain can hurt it.

In addition, in terms of battery life, the headset can support 6 hours at a time, and with the 300 Ma power of the charging box, it can be recharged for 3-4 times, so that the headset has a long-term power of 24 hours.

5  AirPods Pro

In addition to the advantages of stable connection and fast switching, the most important feature of airpods Pro is the “active noise reduction” function. It will detect the external sound to determine the environmental noise, and then use the equivalent “anti noise function” to eliminate the noise before it reaches the user’s ears.

At the same time, the airpods Pro also has an extra microphone that receives sound from the outside and transmits music to the ear. The microphone can detect and eliminate the remaining noise, and further enhance the active noise reduction function. Although the noise reduction effect is not as good as wearing it, it is really outstanding in the real wireless system, and it is suitable for commuting.

Second, Yan Kong

For most of the facial controls, whether the appearance is beautiful enough or not, and whether the style is high or not is the most attractive driving force for them to buy.

Therefore, sometimes, a style, a color, a design, are all the points in them.

However, I think that the most important thing is to wear comfortable earphones and earphones. It is suggested that we must buy ergonomic products. Those with earmuffs must be soft and soft again, so as not to cause burden and pressure on our ears!

After the actual wear, the performance of the following models is not bad.

1  JEET Air Bass

Jeet air bass is the rare color and design sense of many affordable earphones. The cavity surface is decorated with prismatic cutting like gemstone, and adopts the same level of piano High Gloss sealing glaze technology. It is perfectly combined with mint green, just like inlaying a gem. It is full of texture, and it really complements each other.

Moreover, it does not lose in performance. Jeet air bass, which costs less than 300 yuan, uses a 7mm moving coil unit, titanium diaphragm, high pass qcc3020 chip, etc., which are all very hard core configurations, and can also support aptx and AAC lossless sound transmission. It will perform well on Android and apple phones.

2  B&O E8

It has to be said that the title of “face control responsibility” in the headset is really not covered. B & O E8 is a Bluetooth headset with ultra-high appearance value. The headset storage box is very small, and the volume is similar to a small kiwi fruit. The storage box is also made of fine workmanship: the appearance is wrapped in leather, and the handle is very good. The touch panel is smooth, large area and easy to operate.

Unfortunately, due to the use of near magnetic field induction technology, the left headset of B & O E8 can not be used alone. Moreover, it is Bluetooth 4.2, and the connection distance is average.

3 Meizu pop

Meizu pop true wireless Bluetooth headset continues Meizu brand’s consistent simple design, adopts the overall white appearance style, small and beautiful.

What makes me most excited is that Meizu pop, which costs less than 400 yuan, supports wireless charging in addition to the mainstream type-C interface. Moreover, Meizu pop’s own endurance can not be underestimated. The official data is that the duration of a single play is 3 hours, and the charging box can be recharged for 4 times, which can reach about 15 hours in total, which is enough to meet the daily needs.

4 Philips shb2505

Philips shb2505 earphone is not only available in many colors, but also available in black, white, blue and purple. The body of the earphone is also very light, and sports earphone is added on it, so that it can be firmly worn and can be used safely in sports.

There is a physical button on the left and right sides of the earphone, which can realize rich control functions by clicking, long pressing and double-click operation. Although it is cumbersome to look at at at a glance, it has obvious advantages. It will not cause accidental touch or insensitive touch when sweating.

5 glory Flypods Youth Edition

Glory Flypods youth headset is small in size, high in appearance, small and fresh in color, and has a robin blue. The shape of the headset is small and simple. The slim capsule charging box is beautiful and portable. The size is a little larger than a lipstick, which is more friendly to girls. The earplug is designed in ear with ergonomic rectangular handle. Three pairs of large, medium and small earmuffs, and a pair of sports earmuffs are included with the original package. The fit and stability are good.

Because it is a low-end and low-cost version, it does not have Huawei’s bone voiceprint recognition function. Moreover, the Bluetooth version is still in the 4.2 stage, with average performance.

The performance of the above ten real wireless Bluetooth headsets is not bad. I have summarized a price and configuration comparison table for you. If you are interested, you will know who has a higher cost performance ratio.

Although I love headset’s B&O E8 value, I don’t want to suck up my wallet. Finally, I started the JEET. The price is very suitable. It’s good to spend a month or so. Without Caton, I didn’t drop the line. Super performance is enough to capture me.

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