After the launch of nc700 headset wireless noise reduction headphones with widely praised noise reduction effect, people have been expecting Bose to launch new real wireless headphones with active noise reduction function. Now Bose has finally given a clear answer: Yes, but it won’t be until next year.

Bose will launch a new noise reduction headset next year

According to the official statement, the earbud 500 is an upgraded version of soundsport free with new functions, including touch control and Google assistant / Amazon Alexa voice assistant. Noise reduction is not mentioned, so it is mostly absent; Another earbud 700 clearly claims to provide “noise reduction function comparable to its strongest headphones”, and also supports touch control and intelligent voice assistant.

In addition to these, Bose did not provide any other specifications, prices or specific launch time, but told us that it would be available in 2020. Therefore, consumers who need active noise reduction and real wireless headphones can safely buy wf-1000xm3 as long as they don’t care about the diving fate that Sony products must face.

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