The air pressure sensor bmp581 has outstanding characteristics:

Superior accuracy for height tracking applications

Low power consumption, extending battery life for mobile devices

This is the first capacitive air pressure sensor launched by Bosch sensortec

Bosch sensortec is now launching its new generation of air pressure sensor bmp581, which provides wearable and ear wearable devices or IOT devices with ultra-high precision and low power consumption. Its advantages make unprecedented innovative applications a reality. It is an ideal choice for fitness tracking, fall detection, indoor positioning, navigation and other applications.

“The new bmp581 continues the excellent performance and ultra-low power consumption of previous generations of Bosch sensors, and achieves a new breakthrough in accuracy – it can accurately measure as low as 7.6 μ The pressure fluctuation of G is equivalent to one thousandth of the weight of a mosquito. ” Said Dr. Stefan finkbeiner, CEO of Bosch sensortec.

Thanks to the significant improvement of measurement accuracy, this sensor can sensitively detect centimeter level height changes, so that it can accurately monitor movement in fitness applications, even distinguish a single pull-up or push up, and provide high-precision location information for indoor positioning and navigation. Its floor detection function can provide key data for American emergency call demand (E-911).

Bmp581 innovative application: Fitness application, indoor positioning, indoor navigation, water level detection

This sensor can significantly improve the flight stability and landing accuracy of the UAV, and can also be used for the water level detection function in household appliances to avoid overflow.

Low power consumption and high precision

The relative accuracy of bmp581 is as high as +/-0.06 HPA, and the typical absolute accuracy is +/-0.3 HPA. This sensor provides optimum accuracy over a wide measurement range from 300 HPA to 1100 HPA.

The typical temperature coefficient offset (TCO) of the bmp581 is only +/-0.5 pa/k, and the RMS noise is as low as 0.08 PA @ 1000 HPA (typical). The 12-month long-term drift is only ± 0.1 HPA.

Compared with the previous generation Bosch pressure sensor bmp390, the power consumption of the bmp581 is reduced by 85%, the noise is reduced by 80%, and the TCO is reduced by 33%.

At 1Hz, the typical current consumption of the sensor is only 1.3 μ A. It can significantly extend the battery life; In the deep standby mode, the current consumption is as low as 0.5 μ A。 The sensor provides I2C, I3C and SPI (3-wire /4-wire) digital serial interfaces.

The bmp581 is in a compact 10 pin LGA package, shielded by a metal cover plate, and is only 2.0 mm x 2.0 mm x 0.75 mm3 in size.

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