Recently, Bombardier announced that its plant in Montreal has received the first batch of sustainable aviation fuel (hereinafter referred to as SAF). This is a key step in the company’s plan to establish a long-term partnership with fuel suppliers. With the increase of global supply, Bombardier will apply saf to all its facilities.

“We strongly support the commitment to promote the use of SAF throughout the industry.” David coleal, President of Bombardier business jet, said: “this is only the beginning of using this fuel for the first time in Bombardier’s facilities in Canada. Bombardier is trying to ensure that the use of this fuel becomes the standard of daily operation. We will do our best to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions and fulfill the long-term industry climate declaration.”

Bombardier has been using saf in demonstration flights at its Hartford, Conn., plant since 2017, where the company performs customer demonstration missions. In addition, Bombardier flew the demonstration aircraft of the whole fleet to major air shows and event sites to improve the attention in the industry and prove that saf can become a mainstream substitute for the traditional fuel of general aviation aircraft. The company has been actively involved in industry activities to promote saf as a regular configuration of business aircraft flight, especially at Vannes, California, the United States, fenborough, the United Kingdom and the recent American business aviation exhibition (NBAA), saf is not only used for the journey to the location of the air show, but also for static display together with the aircraft for return flight.

Coleal said Bombardier played a role in the industry wide commitment to climate change and worked with organizations in the industry to design solutions to achieve environmental goals: technology, infrastructure and operational improvements, market-based measures and alternative fuels.

“At Bombardier, we build aircraft with future developments in mind.” Coleal added, “for example, the new RORO pearl 15 engine specially designed for universal 5500 and universal 6500 business aircraft can make the aircraft cleaner and more efficient, and improve fuel efficiency by 13%, resulting in favorable operating costs. Ge passport engine is specially designed for universal 7500 aircraft to provide strong power for speeds up to Mach 0.925, with stable reliability and higher fuel efficiency.”

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