On September 2, the 2021 China International Fair for Trade in Services (“Service Fair”) was held in Beijing. With the theme of “Digital Opens the Future, Service Promotes Development”, this year’s CIFTIS attracted a group of leading global digital service companies to participate in the exhibition.

As a global IoT innovation enterprise, BOE (BOE) made a strong debut with leading display technology products such as 8K UHD, ADS Pro, flexible OLED display, Mini LED, and innovative solutions such as smart parks, digital art, and industrial Internet, fully demonstrating BOE The cutting-edge achievements and new applications of smart IoT digitalization in “technology + scene” also make the colorful world of “display everywhere” full of endless imagination in thousands of scenes.

With the approaching of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, this year’s Service Trade Fair has set up an international winter sports theme exhibition area. While displaying the culture of ice and snow sports, many technologies and products integrating sports and technological innovation have also been unveiled, bringing the audience closer to Feel the power of ice and snow from a distance.

When sporting events meet 8K ultra-high-definition technology

The new audio-visual experience shocked people. In fact, as early as the Rio Olympic Games, the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup, the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the National Day, the 2021 Spring Festival Gala and other major events, BOE has brought 8K ultra-high-definition shocking experience to global audiences. This time, it appeared in the international winter sports theme exhibition area. The scene attracted a lot of attention.

An 8K camera on the scene recorded the crowds who came to visit. The BOE HEVC/H.265 soft codec solution was used to process the captured 8K images in real time. Then, through stable low-latency broadband transmission technology and real-time decoding technology, the compressed The code stream is decoded and restored to the original 8K video, allowing people to watch the live ultra-high-definition live in front of the 8K display in real time.

Leading Innovation Showing New Trends

In addition to 8K UHD solutions, BOE also brings many innovative displays and applications including ADS Pro, Mini LED, flexible OLED sliding screen, and versatile splicing screen.

Walking into the BOE booth, the ever-changing splicing screen composed of 6 65-inch 4K screens scrolls to display more than 100 Internet celebrity attractions in Beijing. It can support multiple people to perform touch operations at the same time, and display the content details that everyone cares about on separate screens. Do not interfere with each other.

This “variable screen” display form has been widely used in cultural relics display, tourism and cultural information sharing and many public information sharing platforms.

The ADS Pro technology solution independently developed by BOE also appeared on the scene. By integrating BD Cell, Mini LED, 8K and other technologies, a more perfect immersive experience was achieved.

As one of the important representatives of the next-generation display technology, Mini LED technology has also attracted the attention of the participants. BOE’s glass-based active P0.9 Mini LED products have ultra-high color gamut, ultra-high contrast, ultra-low screen flicker, and no boundaries. The advantages of display and low power consumption have set a new benchmark for Mini LED.

In addition, BOE’s crease-free flexible OLED sliding screen also attracted many visitors. By sliding in and out, the new screen form allows the product to switch freely between mobile phones and tablets, achieving a crease-free display effect. The number of scrolling and scrolling has exceeded 200,000 times, leading the new trend of flexible display applications.

Display technology empowers smart life

While constantly making breakthroughs in display technology, BOE has also been exploring the innovative road of “Internet of Things on the Screen”, enabling thousands of scenes with display technology and lighting up people’s smart life.

At the service trade fair, BOE demonstrated the digital platform of the smart park. Based on the core technical capabilities of the four platforms of Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data and industry cloud, it realizes the standardization of equipment connection and the service of intelligent applications, and helps the park business to create a comprehensive The digital intelligent operation of the scene. At present, BOE’s smart park solutions have been applied in more than 20 cities including Beijing, Tianjin, and Chongqing;

In the field of industrial Internet, based on years of complete R&D and manufacturing system and experience, BOE in the field of smart factories continuously optimizes production links by analyzing various data in the entire production chain and making intelligent decisions. It can be carried out in a healthy, low-consumption and efficient manner.

In recent years, the collision of technology and art is setting off a new wave of digital art. The BOE picture screen products displayed this time are equipped with unique paper-like display technology, a new commercial picture screen information release system and low blue light and other eye protection technologies. Material resources, provide digital upgrade solutions for schools, cultural and blog, business, family and other scenarios.

In addition, BOE’s IoT solutions such as smart finance, smart transportation, and smart office also allow people to experience the charm of technological innovation and service upgrades under digital development in a scenario-based manner, embracing a bright future.

As the global service field continues to move towards digital, networked and intelligent development, BOE continues to make efforts in forward-looking technology and innovative transformation, explore more possibilities, and work with partners to jointly open a new era of intelligent IoT .

Original title: BOE (BOE) made a strong appearance at the 2021 Service Trade Fair to build a new ecosystem of smart IoT digital services

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