David Calhoun, Boeing’s chief executive, insisted that government assistance to Boeing’s aerospace business should not be conditional on the government’s participation in Boeing, according to flight international. Calhoun believes that despite novel coronavirus epidemic further aggravated, Boeing’s business is still good, no less than Boeing can survive even without the government’s help before the crisis. Calhoun pointed out that Boeing now has $15 billion in cash to help Boeing weather the storm.

Boeing has novel coronavirus epidemics crisis of $15 billion.

Boeing, on the other hand, is seeking $60 billion from the U.S. government to help itself and 17000 suppliers weather the downturn. Meanwhile, Boeing’s U.S. aviation customers are urging Congress to provide about $58 billion in financial support to Boeing.

It is reported that the U.S. Congress has been arguing over the Boeing aid program, with the focus on the extent to which worker assistance will be provided in the form of grants or loans, and whether the government will grant equity or other conditions to the companies receiving the assistance.

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