According to media reports, BOE, the No. 1 LCD panel company in the world, has entered the OLED panel field.

Last month, the 2022 international information display Association Exhibition was held in San Jose, California. BOE also participated in the exhibition and displayed a huge 8K OLED panel at the exhibition.

It is understood that this OLED panel has reached 95 inches, which is the largest 8K OLED panel in the world and the second largest OLED panel in the world. The largest OLED panel in the world is 97 inches, which is produced by the OLED giant LGD.

It is understood that BOE is already planning to produce OLED panels. This time, it mainly produces 55 ~95 inch OLED panels, with a total of five sizes. In order to produce these five sizes of OLED panels, BOE has invested eight production lines, and it is expected to provide 300000 OLED panels this year.

LCD and OLED, as two screens with different imaging principles, naturally have different characteristics.

Compared with the LCD screen, the OLED screen has the advantages of simple structure, high color contrast, fast response, support of screen display and flexibility. However, the flashing of the OLED screen will bring additional burden to the user’s eyes, and the screen will burn after a long time. Its service life is not as long as that of the LCD screen. Faced with a completely different screen, can BOE still achieve the same brilliant achievements in the LCD field?

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