On October 19, the 2021 International C-Touch and Display Exhibition was grandly held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition focused on displaying the world’s most cutting-edge innovative technologies and solutions.

As a global Internet of Things innovation company, BOE (BOE) participated in the exhibition with a series of innovative technology products such as 8K ultra-high-definition solutions, smart all-in-one machines, and touch displays, fully demonstrating BOE’s profound technical heritage and innovative strength, and presenting an unparalleled experience to the outside world. technology feast.

Smart all-in-one

At the exhibition site, BOE displayed a series of smart all-in-one products, among which Hei Yao, a smart all-in-one machine equipped with Mini LED technology, was particularly eye-catching. This product integrates high-definition display, electronic whiteboard, wireless transmission, and video conferencing. High attention of visitors.

Through the Mini LED backlight technology, BOE Heiyao has 5,376 local dimming zones and a contrast ratio of up to 1,000,000:1. It exquisitely combines “extreme deep black” and “brilliant splendor”, bringing shocking visual enjoyment to people.

It is worth mentioning that BOE has also applied a large amount of AI technology and software capabilities to this product, which can seamlessly switch between the three major scenarios of office, meeting and painting.

In the office scene, the stroke algorithm, smoothing algorithm, acceleration algorithm, and three-dimensional word algorithm form a powerful handwriting beautification function, bringing users a smooth writing experience.

In the meeting scene, through the millimeter wave wireless technology, one-click screen projection can be easily realized, and the ultra-low latency makes the meeting more efficient. In addition, AI intelligent computing supports calculation while writing, AI intelligent chart can automatically generate a variety of tables, and AI graphic recognition can draw mind maps without restriction.

In painting scenes, technologies such as AI image super-resolution, AI style transfer, and AI image liquefaction can achieve more diversified intelligent image processing effects.

At present, BOE smart all-in-one machines have been widely used in office, medical care, training, finance and other fields.

2021 International C-Touch and Display Exhibition

8K UHD Solution

The 8K ultra-high-definition solution is another highlight of BOE in the field of innovation.

The BOE 110-inch 8K large-size smart terminal brought this time has the obvious advantages of “ultra-large screen, ultra-clear, and smarter”. The linkage of two terminals ensures the encryption of the whole link information. With the help of the 110-inch 8K ultra-high-definition large screen, every detail of the picture can be truly and delicately presented in front of the audience, bringing the ultimate shocking visual enjoyment.

At present, BOE’s 110-inch 8K large-size smart terminal has been applied in vertical commercial scenarios such as smart exhibition, smart gallery, and smart retail.

touch display

Also eye-catching are the 13.3-inch & 15.6-inch touch notebooks and 65-inch touch monitor products brought by BOE.

BOE’s touch technology covers a variety of sizes, from small-sized smart watches, portable notebooks, to large-sized TV products can provide touch design solutions, which not only achieves high-performance touch effects, but also facilitates narrow bezels Achieved, whether it is finger touch or active pen writing, it is very smooth and smooth, providing the ultimate touch experience and visual effects.

Over the years, BOE has always respected technology and insisted on innovation, and continued to bring cutting-edge technologies and innovative products that lead the industry trend to global users. At present, BOE’s flexible OLED, ADS Pro, Mini LED and other display solutions have been applied to various subdivision scenarios of the Internet of Things, bringing people a new “view” world.

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