On February 24, OPPO held a new product launch conference and officially released the high-end flagship model OPPO Find X5. BOE (BOE) exclusively provided a new generation of flexible four-curve screen based on high-end flexible display technology brand-f-OLED for this model, which has achieved comprehensive upgrades in screen design, display effect, durability and other aspects. It demonstrates BOE’s leading strength in flexible display technology and customer cooperation.

BOE (BOE) exclusively supplies OPPO Find X5 with a new generation of flexible four-curved screens (Image source: OPPO)

The OPPO Find X5 is equipped with a BOE (BOE) 6.55-inch flexible OLED screen. It adopts a flexible four-curve punching design for the first time, breaking through the difficult laminating process technology, and the hole frame is reduced to 0.5mm. An immersive screen experience. At the same time, the screen adopts a three-frequency dynamic refresh mode, which is compatible with up to 120Hz variable speed high-speed brushing, which improves the fluency of the screen, fully meets the needs of multiple scenarios such as audio-visual entertainment, and takes into account the overall battery life of the product. It is worth mentioning that this BOE (BOE) flexible OLED screen adopts a new generation of glass material, which has undergone rigorous drop tests, which greatly improves the screen’s resistance to drop and durability, and effectively reduces the risk of screen scratches and broken screens. In addition, it also performs well in health and eye protection. This screen exclusively provided by BOE has also passed the SGS high-level low blue light certification. Users can enjoy high-quality pictures while effectively reducing harmful blue light transmission. However, the damage to the eyes from the screen light is reduced.

In recent years, BOE (BOE) and OPPO have joined forces for many times, not only for this time, but also for OPPO’s high-end flagship product Find X5 flexible four-curved screen. Previously, they also cooperated with OPPO to launch the “next-generation under-screen camera technology”, using BOE (BOE) industry The first “one drive one” technology has created a new era of smart phone full screen; at the same time, BOE (BOE) has joined hands with OPPO to launch scroll screen technology, which has pushed the innovation and development of flexible screens to a new level, and has also provided consumers Bringing a better product experience.

Over the years, BOE’s stable product quality and delivery capabilities have been recognized by many brand customers. As a global semiconductor display leader and IoT innovation enterprise, BOE (BOE) continues to empower various smart terminal products with technological innovation. The leading all-round flexible display terminal solutions such as folding screen, sliding screen and full screen have covered many leading brands at home and abroad. According to Sigmaintell data, BOE (BOE) flexible OLED smartphone panel shipments will be about 60 million in 2021, a year-on-year increase of nearly 60%, and flexible display shipments will rank first in China and second in the world . In December last year, BOE (BOE) released the first technology brand in China’s semiconductor display field, including f-OLED, a high-end flexible display technology brand representing the industry’s leading level. This time OPPO Find X5 is the extension and development of this technology brand. Empowering results.

Nowadays, multi-modal flexible display is gradually becoming an important trend in the development of intelligent terminals. At the beginning of 2022, BOE (BOE) portable hand-held partners including OPPO have made frequent moves to release a series of high-end flagship multi-modal terminal products. This time, OPPO Find X5 exclusively provides flexible four-curved screen, which further demonstrates its innovative strength and leading position in the field of flexible display. In the future, BOE’s high-end flexible display technology brand f-OLED will continue to empower more smart terminals and application scenarios, bring a beautiful “vision” world of screen-connected everything to hundreds of millions of consumers around the world, and bring innovative applications to flexible display. The possibilities are endless.

Reviewing Editor: Fu Ganjiang


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