Bank of China Leasing announced that with regard to the purchase of Boeing Max aircraft, the company has 99 undelivered Boeing 737max aircraft under the purchase agreement. After the global aviation regulatory authority grounded the 737max aircraft and Boeing suspended the delivery of the 737max aircraft, the company required Boeing to ensure that it effectively fulfilled its responsibilities under the purchase agreement.

Al BOC leasing and Boeing reached a 737max aircraft purchase agreement and entered into a supplementary agreement

After discussion between the company and Boeing, the company, cdbalf and Boeing entered into a supplementary agreement on the purchase agreement on April 17, 2020 to amend and supplement some terms of the purchase agreement. According to these supplementary agreements, the company and cdbalf have made the following amendments to the agreement with Boeing to readjust its 737max aircraft fleet:

1. Terminate the purchase and delivery of 29 undelivered aircraft, and the total number of remaining undelivered aircraft is 70;

2. All Boeing 737max10 aircraft ordered under the purchase agreement are converted into Boeing 737max8 aircraft;

3. Another 20 undelivered aircraft have been extended to multiple dates in 2024, 2025 and 2026.

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