The rugged copper clip flatpower package cfp15b is favored by major first-class automotive suppliers for engine control units

Nijmegen, September 10, 2021: Nexperia, an expert in the field of basic semiconductor devices, announced that the surface mount device copper clip flatpower package cfp15b developed by the company had passed the board level reliability (BLR) test for automotive applications by a leading primary supplier for the first time. The package will first be applied to the engine control unit.

BLR is a method to evaluate the robustness and reliability of semiconductor packaging. The test follows extremely strict procedures, which has important guiding significance in automotive applications that pay great attention to safety and reliability. With the transformation of the automotive industry to electric and vehicle networking, the on-board electronic system is becoming more and more complex, so the certification is very important.

Guido s ö hrn, product manager of Nexperia bipolar power discrete devices, said: “obtaining BLR certification is a major breakthrough. Cfp15b represents a new generation of thermally enhanced ultra-thin surface mount devices. It has rich functions, is reliable and durable, and is very suitable for automotive parts, such as engine control unit, transmission control unit, braking and many other safety applications.”

Verified by BLR, the reliability performance level of cfp15b exceeds twice the expected performance of aec-q101. Through the power temperature cycle identification combined with temperature cycle and intermittent operation life test, the equipment can reach 2600 cycles. “The application of surface mount devices in the automotive industry needs to face some harsh operating environments, and cfp15b has proved its excellent performance in dealing with harsh conditions,” Guido s ö hrn added.

Cfp15b is made of high-quality materials and realizes zero stratification in terms of pins, chips and clips, which can prevent moisture from entering, so as to improve reliability.

Cfp15b uses solid copper clips to reduce thermal resistance, improve PCB heat transfer, and make PCB design more compact. Compared with DPAK and SMX package, the volume of the device is reduced by 60%, but the thermal performance is not reduced at all. Smaller size can save a lot of space and bring more design flexibility.

Device packaging can be used for different power diode technologies, such as Nexperia’s Schottky or fast recovery rectifier diodes, but can also be extended to SiGe power diodes or bipolar transistors. This significantly promotes product diversity, covering single / dual configurations and the 4-20 a range, simplifying circuit board design.

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