BluGlass, an Australian semiconductor technology developer, is committed to promoting the commercialization of its breakthrough remote plasma chemical vapor deposition (RPCVD) semiconductor technology in the global LED, micro led and electronic power industries.

Recently, the company announced the latest business development and shared the latest R & D Progress of micro led and led projects, especially the long wavelength LED used for red, green and blue (RGB) applications.

Albluglass announced the latest research and development progress of micro led and led project, and plans to allocate shares to provide funds to accelerate the development of micro led

At present, due to the impact of the epidemic, some orders of BluGlass micro LED manufacturers are suspended, unable to carry out processing and equipment testing. Despite production disruption, the company continues to communicate and prepare for the next design iteration.

It is understood that BluGlass has successively reached cooperation in the field of micro LED technology with the MOCVD equipment supplier aiskeqiang and the micro transfer technology developer x-celeprint in 2019. At the end of March this year, micro media announced that it plans to provide capital for the development of LED. (compiled by ledinside)

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