There are some differences between windows 7 and windows 10, so the operation is of course different. A wave of small editors just need to connect Bluetooth headset on their computer. Let’s share the operation steps below.

Connection method:

Connecting the computer

A. First of all, update the Bluetooth driver software of the computer so that you can install the required driver for the headset

Bluetooth headset driver win7 connection

B. Open Bluetooth device, add device

C. Keep the headset in the search state: press and hold the intelligent switch key for about 10 seconds until the indicator light of the headset appears red and blue lights flashing alternately to enter the searched state.

D. Since the Bluetooth driver software has been updated in the previous stage, the search will be automatically performed here. However, depending on the system status, the number of drivers installed is different

Bluetooth headset driver win7 connection

E. After successful installation

F. Open the Bluetooth device and right-click the Bluetooth headset name

Bluetooth headset driver win7 connection

G. Right click Control

H. In the open interface, click Connect

1. If it is unable to connect, it is recommended to restart the Bluetooth headset, delete it from the original pairing, search again and install the driver to connect automatically

J. Or just right-click to control the interface, right-click to display properties

K. Check all and click OK. At this time, the driver will be installed automatically and wait patiently

50. After success, right-click the small horn icon in the lower right corner of the computer, select the playback device, and the

Bluetooth headset driver win7 connection

M. Right click to select Default speaker. If there is no headset logo, restart the Bluetooth headset!

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