After years of development, cloud storage has become a mainstream model in the current storage market. From Baidu cloud and Alibaba cloud to Amazon and icloud, cloud storage is everywhere in our lives, serving individual consumers, enterprises, governments and various organizations. Compared with self built local storage, cloud storage can provide individuals and various enterprises with lower cost, larger capacity, more elastic capacity requirements and better management methods. With the advent of 5g era and the continuous development of economy and business, the demand for cloud storage must be a growing rigid demand. The market prospect is very broad. It is generally expected that it will easily reach $500billion in the next five years.

Centralized cloud storage still has great defects in security, privacy and other aspects. It faces frequent difficulties such as data loss, network theft, personal privacy leakage and even operation shutdown. For example, the content of Baidu Post Bar suddenly disappeared before 2017, and 360 cloud disk was shut down. These problems cannot be effectively solved under the centralized storage framework. Under the background of blockchain era, distributed cloud storage based on blockchain technology came into being. In the distributed storage framework, data is not stored on the server of a single company, but distributed on multiple independent devices in the network after encrypting multiple backups. Distributed cloud storage not only greatly improves the security, robustness and efficiency of the system, but also has large-scale scalability.

The existing distributed cloud storage projects mainly include SIA, storj, maidsafe and filecoin. These projects currently use a similar mechanism. They provide a platform for participating network users to rent their idle hard disk space to obtain a certain pass or fee. In the track of storage, they are closer to the concept of public chain and infrastructure. They are the first generation of distributed cloud storage solutions. In addition to storage functions, they do not have a complete ecological layout.

Miyun network is the second generation distributed cloud storage solution and the first landing ecosystem based on distributed cloud storage This is a complete business ecological model with strong demand, landing ability and high return. One advantage of Miyun is that the underlying technology framework not only realizes the basic functions of blockchain, cloud storage and P2P communication, but also seamlessly integrates the functions of wallet, mall and transaction.

Among the underlying technologies, Miyun network optimizes the efficiency of reading and writing indexes of fragmented files and the distributed storage and transmission of data above EB level on the basis of realizing high-speed reading and writing and hardware stability based on capacity certification and MapReduce technology. At the application level, various functions such as wallet, mall and transaction have realized modularization and plug-in. These functions can be customized when purchasing mining machines or set through DAPP provided by the platform.

The consensus algorithm of Miyun network adopts POC (proof of capacity), which is a consensus algorithm that uses computer hard disk space to mine. Generally speaking, the size and length of space occupied in the network determine how much incentive you get. The larger the space and the longer the time you access the network, the more rewards you get. Due to the general nature of storage and the lower energy consumption required for storage, POC is considered to be a fairer and greener alternative to the traditional pow/pos mechanism.

Miyun network supports traditional storage devices and access methods, such as WiFi and Bluetooth. Mobile device deployment programs can join the main network to form micro base stations. Miyun special mining machine is composed of a storage unit (4T) and a special processor. It reduces the dependence of traditional mining machines on computing units. Only the low-power CPU of arm architecture can run stably and smoothly, and the service life of the equipment has been greatly improved. The power consumption of mining machines can be reduced to 10W. The power consumption of 1000 mining machines is still far lower than that of bitcoin mining machines. No additional energy consumption is required for future optimization.

Miyun network cooperates with many satellite TV companies around the world to provide global video, and the historical playback is long enough. With the support of Miyun network technology, the playback success rate is more than 99%, and the second channel change is realized. Because of P2P acceleration, there is no card and HD viewing. The number and definition of TV stations and the playback success rate exceed that of any current free live TV software. At present, no network satellite TV can play back for more than 7 days. Miyun network and cloud storage can provide unlimited playback. This is impossible in the traditional mode outside the blockchain, because the service array to be provided is too large. In the future, TV stations will purchase the content in the Miyun network in turn.

At the same time, we encourage users to upload TV programs in their own region, and naturally distribute the fees to users who provide content through the pass economy. In addition to satellite TV content, we also encourage original live broadcasting. Anyone can set up streaming media live broadcasting, that is, a personal TV station, which can create its own content. Unlike the satellite live broadcasting platform, it is more like a TV station, because Miyun network also stores programs for playback and on-demand, and transmits video streams through P2P.

Miyun network will be a secure personal data center that will never stop working. It can establish a permanent private archive to serve people who like to collect all kinds of data files (such as copies of classic movies, personal collections of e-books, etc.). Store all kinds of private information, safely surf the Internet to prevent privacy leakage, and provide protection for the stable operation of personal private network. Snapshot backup of all equipment. Because ccdn data is never deleted or overwritten, data backup snapshots at any time can be retrieved at any time. It is a reliable monitoring scheme for 5g standard equipment operation.

Digital collection and preservation is a new concept and a market to be developed. In the future, the collection field will not be limited to physical objects. There will certainly be virtual objects. Virtual digital collections are easy to be copied, stored and kept at great risk. Miyun network can help solve this problem. Producers of digital media, digital artists, private digital museums and digital collectors can save their works on Miyun network to facilitate traceability, anti-counterfeiting, or realize the digitization of physical collections.


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