Tencent Black Shark 3 will be released online on March 3. This conference will launch a peripheral device: Black Shark Bluetooth game headset 2, which is officially called the Bluetooth headset with the lowest delay.

February 27 news, black shark science and technology products center director @ Black Shark Guan Erye said that small partners who have used Bluetooth headsets must know that the delay problem is the pain point of all kinds of Bluetooth headsets, which leads to the bad game experience of Bluetooth headsets. Even Apple’s airpods Pro is not an exception. It can be said that there is no good low delay Bluetooth headset on the market at present.

Black Shark acoustic team has brought a new Bluetooth headset – Black Shark Bluetooth game headset 2, which adopts Lou’s dynamic iron + 10mm dynamic coil acoustic unit, lhdc Ultra HD coding, combined with the exclusive tuning of black shark. The official said that it can bring you unprecedented audio experience.

@Black Shark Guan Erye stressed that the acoustic team spent two years to develop a set of low latency solutions in conjunction with the chip end, creating a Bluetooth headset that can really play games for everyone.

It is worth noting that @ Black Shark Guan Erye uses a delay test APK latency test to test the delay of black shark Bluetooth game headset 2, and compares it with the Bluetooth headset on the market.

The data shows that the delay of black shark Bluetooth game headset 2 is only 58ms, which is obviously superior to the 187ms delay of airpods pro.

It will be officially released on March 3.

Black Shark Bluetooth game headset 2 will appear on the same stage with Tencent Black Shark 3, and the delay is significantly lower than that of airpods pro

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