Recently, black sesame intelligence, the global leader of automatic driving computing chips, released the Hanhai ADSP (autonomous driving solution platform) automatic driving middleware platform. This middleware product enables customers to quickly and easily access and use the powerful processing performance of black sesame intelligent Huashan series chips, and becomes an important part of the “matrix” of black sesame intelligent to build a domestic large computing power automatic driving platform.

Middleware plays an important role in decoupling automotive hardware and software

After entering the era of “software defines automobile”, the EE architecture gradually tends to be centralized, and a variety of operating systems coexist in the automobile software system, resulting in the complexity of the system and the sharp increase of the development cost. In order to improve the management, portability, tailoring and quality of software, it is necessary to redefine a set of architecture, methodology and application interfaces, so as to achieve standard interfaces, high-quality seamless integration, efficient development and manage complex systems through new models, namely “middleware”.

Middleware is one of the “troika” of basic software. As a bridge connecting applications and operating systems, it can shield the heterogeneity of basic hardware, operating systems and communication protocols, and provide unified and standard interactive interfaces for application developers.

At present, many automobile manufacturers and suppliers are gathered in the global automobile industry. The middleware can reuse the same products on different models as much as possible, and make the products of different Tier1 compatible with each other, thus greatly reducing the development cost. At the same time, the increasingly complex software and hardware platforms of different specifications make the challenges faced by the combination of software and hardware grow exponentially. Middleware plays a connecting role in this, making it easy for developers to develop automatic driving software quickly, efficiently and flexibly.

In recent years, with the rapid development of autopilot application from low-level to high-level, the traditional development mode, i.e. function definition, hardware selection, developing and adapting their own system software for different chip platforms, has been difficult to meet the current development needs. At the same time, the industry has increasingly deepened its understanding of autopilot applications. It is generally believed that the future auto drive system software will be based on a business driven SOA development method: it should not only meet the current needs, but also have considerable foresight, compatibility and expansibility, and be able to support the needs of subsequent software and hardware upgrades and module additions and deletions, so that end customers can further add functional application scenarios on the basis of the currently realized functions, At the same time, the performance indicators of the currently implemented functions are improved.

The middleware for automatic driving is just such a platform that can be adjusted on demand and meet the flexible requirements of more and more complex underlying hardware, sensors and upper applications.

The autopilot middleware can adapt to different hardware platforms, sensor types, OS cores and architectures. It can provide a unified standard interface to support various services required on the autopilot data link. It is also responsible for the communication between various application software modules and the scheduling of underlying system resources. It is an indispensable part of the future autopilot scheme.

It is not difficult to see that middleware plays a key role in the development trend of automotive software and hardware decoupling. In order to help customers better carry out product development based on black sesame intelligent Huashan series chips, improve R & D efficiency, reduce development threshold and comprehensive cost, and accelerate product mass production, black sesame intelligent launched Hanhai automatic driving middleware platform.

Provide the industry with a fully open middleware platform with complete functions

Hanhai autonomous driving middleware platform is an intelligent driving Platform SDK developed by black sesame intelligence based on Huashan series automatic driving computing chips, including target (SOC) SDK, x86 (host) SDK, and target (MCU) SDK. It can support the development of vehicle end, road end, and various intelligent driving and vehicle road collaborative scenarios.

Hanhai autopilot middleware is deeply optimized based on Huashan series chips with high performance and great computing power. It not only provides comprehensive function integration, but also ensures high operation performance.

For example, the communication module can transfer data between different processes of the chip by means of zero copy, which greatly reduces the occupation of memory and system bandwidth; The module can also be used for communication between chips, so that customers’ existing equipment can be directly interconnected with Huashan series chips to efficiently obtain data; Sensor abstract components, which can realize software and hardware decoupling through standard data structure; The time synchronization middleware can realize sub microsecond time synchronization by calling the hardware synchronization mechanism of Huashan series chips.

In addition, execution management related components provide a series of diagnostic mechanism frameworks and real-time enhancement of the operating system, so as to improve diagnostic robustness and reduce inter thread switching overhead.

The target (SOC) SDK provides a runtime environment on the SOC and a compilation environment on the host side, and implements heterogeneous computing unit real-time task scheduler, sensor access and management service sensormanager, high-precision time synchronization service, multi-sensor fusion service and ads diagnosis service. The communication of all service and task nodes of the BST ads platform is based on the BST ads-com communication middleware, which can realize high-performance DDS communication within the process / between processes / between heterogeneous computing units / between cross hosts, and is compatible with the cyberrt, ROS and other middleware ecosystems;

The x86 (host) SDK includes a multi-sensor calibration tool for vehicle road collaboration roadside scenes, a data orchestration tool for data recording, playback, visualization and real-time analysis, a process orchestration tool for task scheduling, resource monitoring and visualization, and a sensor fusion integrated development platform for multi-sensor fusion algorithm debugging, verification and visualization. For DDS communication interconnection with SOC end, the x86 SDK provides DDS environment and secondary development interface;

The target (MCU) SDK is oriented to the asil-d MCU computing platform, provides the secondary development SDK package of MCU, and supports home/ip, PTP time synchronization (IEEE 1588v2), UDS on can diagnostic protocol and log system. In addition, the target SDK provides a lightweight DDS framework xrce-dds, which can realize DDS communication with X86 and BST SOC.

The black sesame intelligent Hanhai autonomous driving middleware platform can not only help developers quickly develop and deploy intelligent driving applications, but also reduce the development workload of customers’ upper applications, shorten the development time of applications, and help to improve the quality of customers’ autonomous driving application software. In addition, the Hanhai autopilot middleware platform makes the same product reusable on different models as much as possible, and makes the products of different Tier1 compatible with each other, thus greatly reducing the development cost.

As an industry-leading R & D enterprise of vehicle specification level autopilot computing chips and platforms, black sesame intelligence actively laid out in advance. This time, it launched the Hanhai ADSP autopilot middleware platform, which reflects the leading layout of technology and the unremitting pursuit of meeting customer needs. In addition, the Huashan No.2 a1000 series chips independently developed by black sesame intelligence cover the needs of L2-L3 level automatic driving. It is a mass-produced automatic driving computing chip with the largest computing power and the strongest performance in China. At present, it has begun to continuously ship to customers and enter the express lane for the landing of models. In the future, black sesame intelligence will continue to actively enable the development of intelligent driving in China and even the world with its leading self-developed technologies and products.

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