“Artificial intelligence must solve the immediate needs rather than make some unnecessary gimmicks.” on June 20, Liu Qingfeng, chairman of iFLYTEK, said at the 2020 (20th) Annual Conference of Chinese enterprises’ future stars and Chinese entrepreneur ecological conference hosted by China Entrepreneur Magazine.

“In the just concluded 618 e-commerce Festival, iFLYTEK won 22 sales titles, including translators, recorders and other office supplies, with an overall sales increase of 40%.” Liu Qingfeng shared the good news at the beginning. He believes that the sales growth under the epidemic comes from rigid demand.

IFLYTEK is a technology company engaged in intelligent voice and language technology research and software and chip product development. It was established on December 30, 1999. Its core technologies include voice recognition technology, voice evaluation technology, face-to-face translation, etc. In 2008, iFLYTEK was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange, with a current market value of 77.4 billion.

Intelligent hardware sales increased by 40%, which is just needed

Liu Qingfeng revealed that in the just concluded 618 e-commerce Festival, iFLYTEK won 22 sales titles, including translators, recording pens and other office supplies, and the overall sales increased by 40%. After deducting the significant decline of translators due to the epidemic, all other hardware increased by more than 140%.

Liu Qingfeng believes that this can see everyone’s demand for digital economy consumption and artificial intelligence application under the epidemic situation. Recording pens and office books can greatly improve everyone’s ability.

Turning to the consumer demand stimulated by the epidemic, Liu Qingfeng said that we must not use artificial intelligence to do unnecessary gimmicks. We must solve the just needed things so that enterprises can go through the whole economic cycle and even lead the future industrial development.

In addition, Liu Qingfeng also revealed that iFLYTEK recently won the first place in the world in the world’s most authoritative English voice system competition. At the same time, it also helped Huawei P40 mobile phone provide a complete set of multilingual technology to successfully avoid Huawei voice assistant being “stuck”.

Liu Qingfeng said that in addition to its advantages in English pronunciation, iFLYTEK has comprehensively surpassed Google in major languages such as French and Spanish.

Big data and artificial intelligence “fight the epidemic”

Liu Qingfeng focused on how iFLYTEK used big data and artificial intelligence to help government departments in the COVID-19 to enhance the efficiency of epidemic prevention and control.

After the outbreak of COVID-19, China quickly controlled the epidemic and achieved some results. Liu Qingfeng believes that the application of big data and artificial intelligence plays a great role in it, so that systematic and intelligent prevention and control and multi-point trigger mechanisms can be generated.

Liu Qingfeng focused on sharing relevant cases of iFLYTEK’s participation in epidemic prevention and control in Wuhan.

According to media reports at that time, nearly 5 million people flowed out of Wuhan before the closure of the city, which involves flow and close contacts. If traditional manpower is used, it can not be completed in a short time.

IFLYTEK has conducted in-depth cooperation with Wuhan public security to assist Wuhan public security in sorting out the outflow of 3 million people from the railway and 1.6 million people from other provinces, including confirmed close contacts, and many user data are automatically mined and analyzed.

Liu Qingfeng said that if you simply pass the background data, it is not easy to do it without corresponding comparison and analysis ability. This is only one aspect, but systematic prevention and control can be achieved through artificial intelligence and big data.

High tech behind urban Super Brain

Big data and artificial intelligence "fight the epidemic"

Artificial intelligence and big data play an important role in epidemic prevention and control, and will also play an important role in promoting social governance and strengthening comprehensive management of environment, health and comprehensive management in the future.

Liu Qingfeng revealed that the urban super brain just released in Anhui is also the overall technical scheme provided by the University of science and technology, “of course, a group of partners have been united to do it together.”

At present, the Tongling urban Super Brain Project has sorted out seven most important scenarios, including urban management, community governance, ecological environment, people’s livelihood services, etc. a total of more than 30 typical scenarios have been designed, many of which could not be done manually. The workload is too large and the labor time is too long.

Liu Qingfeng, for example, said that if a well cover is missing, how can we know it at the first time and quickly send it to relevant personnel as soon as possible? In the past, users didn’t know who to call, and they had to carry out background matching after calling. The whole process system is very complex.

But now, after the background data runs through, as long as users take a picture, relevant personnel can go to the site for processing within a few minutes, which depends entirely on the accurate calculation of background big data and artificial intelligence.

Liu Qingfeng revealed that after the participation of big data and artificial intelligence, Tongling City Super brain has only done it for half a year, and the discovery of events has increased by 900%, but the processing flow of each thing has been reduced by 70% and continues to be reduced. Automatic troubleshooting such as quickly finding the location of urban muck truck and identifying high-altitude parabolic can be completed through urban super brain.

The combination of artificial intelligence and big data will fundamentally change the efficiency of urban management and social governance. This is not only a fundamental change brought about by artificial intelligence, but also the just need of society.

One robot completed 59 million person times of investigation

Liu Qingfeng also shared an example of how to make the city more warm after the closure of Wuhan.

After the closure of Wuhan, it was necessary to check every family. At that time, Wuhan proposed to check 99% of families in a short time. Many people thought it was impossible to do so. Some netizens still asked questions online: why didn’t they ask him.

“In fact, at that time, there were not so many people who wanted to do the investigation of each family. Whether it was door-to-door investigation or phone investigation, it took several months to complete according to the manpower at that time. Later, iFLYTEK developed two key technologies to solve this problem.” Liu Qingfeng introduced.

One technology is called intelligent doctor assistant, which is also the only robot that has passed the national professional doctor qualification examination so far. More than 96.3% of doctors “can become a general practitioner. The population now covered in the country has exceeded 30 million and provides help to more than 40000 doctors every day.” Liu Qingfeng said.

IFLYTEK, a novel coronavirus pneumonia, quickly learned the new crown knowledge after the new crown pneumonia. After the National Health Protection Commission and the people’s Health Press reviewed, the first training for primary doctors was conducted in the whole country. After training about 2000000 people, IFC flew its new professional knowledge and intelligent voice technology to use this telephone follow-up robot for epidemic prevention and control. Call every family.

Liu Qingfeng recalled: “At that time, the investigation of the first batch of 1 million people in Wuhan was completed in 6 hours, and in the process of doing it, the people felt very good; second, it would never be tired and its attitude would never get out of control; third, all the contents were extremely complete. After asking, it was recognized by voice recognition at the first time, entered the background statistical report, and showed that the statistical standard was real-time dynamic.”

During the whole epidemic period, iFLYTEK intelligent doctor assistant served 59 million people throughout the country. After using it in Daegu, South Korea felt that the effect of the Korean version exceeded their expectations and reached the level of real people. Now it has covered 70% of the country’s cities and population.

“During the whole epidemic period, we received letters from embassies of more than 40 countries and began to cooperate from medical telephone follow-up to online education. However, we still found that these platforms are not only during the epidemic period, but in fact, these platforms can make the management of the elderly in the city more warm,” Liu Qingfeng said.

In addition, iFLYTEK not only did community follow-up and telephone cluster in Wuhan, but also the management platform of the shelter hospital, which is called green escort system.

“When 80000 to 100000 people come to the hospital at once, it is difficult for medical staff to manage one by one. Besides, it also needs artificial intelligence to analyze. After these personnel return home, how are they doing and whether they have contacted others. After we finished the green escort system, Beijing also began to use this system when there is great pressure on input cases. I think this is all used Artificial intelligence and information technology, “Liu Qingfeng said.

Liu Qingfeng believes that this epidemic will promote the whole people to enter the digital survival era faster, and people’s livelihood will force artificial intelligence to become a new way to improve people’s livelihood faster in just needed applications, which is also the reason why the new infrastructure has been mentioned to an unprecedented height.

From this point of view, Liu Qingfeng believes that now is indeed an era of turning danger into opportunity.

“Every major epidemic is a touchstone, a touchstone of human nature and the core competence of enterprises. At the same time, a number of great companies will be born,” Liu Qingfeng said, “In the post epidemic era, when the whole people enter the era of digital survival, we must benefit from big data and artificial intelligence. In the weak short board of people’s livelihood security, we don’t have so much manpower and capital, so we need to promote the application of artificial intelligence, which is a new opportunity worthy of attention for everyone.”

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