On December 4, 2020, Shenzhen News — the 7th China IOT conference 2020 held by global professional electronic technology media came to a successful conclusion in Shenzhen. At the awarding ceremony of the 5th China IOT Innovation Award held that evening, under the common witness of the speech of China IOT summit, guests and industry mainstream media, the final winning enterprise products and products of the 5th IOT innovation award were announced List of technology and individuals.

Photo: group photo of the organizer and the winning enterprises

2020 is a special year for the world, but it is also a very successful and fast growing year for China’s IOT industry. IOT technology has successfully helped the Chinese people overcome the impact of the epidemic, and also helped many companies in the IOT industry to find a wider range of innovative applications. In addition, the results announced by the semiconductor companies listed on the science and technology innovation edition are related to the new infrastructure, new retail, new consumption, and other aspects of the IOT industry New medical, new communication and new networking technologies are closely related. It has been committed to helping upstream enterprises innovate technology, transfer technology to system application engineers more quickly, better accelerate the landing of new technology, accelerate the product from 0 to 1, from 1 to 100, and find a lower cost solution to make the product from 100 to infinity.

It has been established since the third China IOT conference in 2016, and this year is the fifth successfully held in Shenzhen. Zhang Yinghui, general manager and editor in chief of electronic enthusiasts, said, “the nomination of this year’s China IOT Innovation Award covers all aspects of IOT technology enterprises, from IP to chip, from module to test equipment, from operating system, development environment to cloud platform. Many enterprises have been actively participating in the award as before. The nominating and bidding enterprises have broken records again, which shows that the enthusiasm of innovation in the IOT market is unprecedented

There are five categories of awards in this China IOT Innovation Award: outstanding CEO award of Internet of things enterprises, technology innovation award of Internet of things, Golden Lion Award of Internet of things products, outstanding performance award and most potential enterprise award. The winner was voted by more than 5000 engineers, industry experts and electronics enthusiasts from different companies.

The award ceremony was held on the same day of the 7th IOT Conference on December 4. More than 200 industry partners attended the award dinner and witnessed the grand unveiling of the Innovation Award.

The list of winners of China IOT Innovation Award in 2020 is as follows (no matter in order of ranking)

Most potential enterprise award

Yingmai information technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Shenzhen dingyang Technology Co., Ltd

Gaoxinxing IOT Technology Co., Ltd

Core smart wireless technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Beijie connector Co., Ltd

Chengdu qiyingtailun Technology Co., Ltd

Chengdu ruichengxin Micro Technology Co., Ltd

Xinyi information technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Jiangsu chuangxinhai Micro Technology Co., Ltd

Outstanding performance award



Maxon Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Shanghai Yiyuan Communication Technology Co., Ltd

Suzhou nasin Microelectronics Co., Ltd

China Mobile Internet of things

Shanghai Yike Communication Technology Co., Ltd

Meixin semiconductor

Shanghai Beirui Information Technology Co., Ltd

Wuhan Hongzhi Technology Co., Ltd

Product Golden Lion Award

Time domain workstation max70000 series (Puyuan Jingdian Technology Co., Ltd.)

Low voltage NAA operational amplifier (juxun semiconductor technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)

Ultra high integration NB IOT chip ec616 (Shanghai Mobile Communication Technology Co., Ltd.)

Kuangshi Shenxing series face recognition access control machine (Beijing Kuangshi Technology Co., Ltd.)

OTA solution of intelligent Internet connected vehicle (Shanghai airabi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.)

Micro Turing AI behavior analysis and early warning system (micro Turing (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd.)

Intelligent gateway (home type) (Shenzhen Weichuan Technology Co., Ltd.)

Eaidk (open intelligent machine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)

HD solid state lidar (Suzhou Lingwei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.)

Shengzhi AI elevator (Beijing Shengzhi Technology Co., Ltd.)

Xiaoao hydrogen oxygen mixed breathing mask atomizer (Shenzhen Saiyi Technology Development Co., Ltd.)

Technology Innovation Award


Trust & Gowi fi @ 32-bit MCU module (microchip technology lnc.)

Spinandflash gd5f1gq5 (Beijing Zhaoyi Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.)

Low power multi standard connection communication controller (qorvo)

Sentry ™ Solution set (lattice semiconductor)

Snapdragon x555g modem and RF system (Qualcomm)

Nrf52805soc chip (Nordic semiconductor)

LTE low noise amplifier (Howell group)

Da16200 ultra low power Wi Fi SOC and module

Guanghetong 5g wireless communication module (Shenzhen guanghetong wireless Co., Ltd.)

Infineon second generation intelligent downlight (Infineon Technology (China) Co., Ltd.)

Rsl10mesh platform (Anson semiconductor)

Vitis (Xilinx)

As7341l (Ames semiconductor)

Absolute rotary magnetic encoder 60mm Version (Weishi Technology)

Ieee802.3at1 Poe and 12V adapter for IP webcam input to load point reference design (Texas Instruments)

AI technology to quickly locate the accidental abnormality of IOT chips and modules (Shide Technology)

AdvantestTE-Cloud ™ (Edwin test (China) Management Co., Ltd.)

Sotbtm: advanced low power process technology (Renesas China)

Battery simulator software (IDEX Electronics Co., Ltd.)

Outstanding CEO Award


Shanghai Boram Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Hu Xinyi

Yang Tao of core smart wireless technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Congratulations to all the outstanding enterprises and individuals who have successfully won the awards. At the same time, we welcome the business partners of IOT industry to continue to support the 2021 China IOT conference and innovation award awarding activities.

Photo: grand occasion of the 7th China IOT summit in 2020

For more details about the 7th China IOT conference and innovation awards in 2020, please click the link on the official website: http://www.elecfans.com/acTIvity/iot2020/index.html .

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