From July 21st to 22nd, the 7th National Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) was jointly organized by the National Energy Smart Grid (Shanghai) R&D Center, the State Grid Energy Research Institute Co., Ltd. "China Electric Power" magazine, and the CPEM National Power Equipment Management Network. The Power Inspection Technology Summit Forum and the 2022 National Smart Power Transmission Conference and the "Golden Tour Award" the 4th National Power Inspection Technology Innovation Application Selection" was grandly held in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. Beike Tianhui won the national power inspection technology innovation application selection. "UAV Lidar Technology Innovation Case Award" is another professional award won by Beike Tianhui in the field of UAV power inspection.


The "Golden Tour Award" National Electric Power Inspection Technology Innovation Application Selection was initiated by the CPEM National Power Equipment Management Network in 2019. It is the first domestic evaluation for innovation in the field of intelligent power inspection applications of drones, robots, artificial intelligence and other technologies. . It is understood that there are four categories of awards in the selection of drones: "complete machine", "intelligent", "drone +" and "application". The establishment of the "Golden Tour Award" aims to recognize and promote the Enterprises and units that have made outstanding contributions to the innovative application of new technologies such as drones, robots, and artificial intelligence in the power industry have set a new benchmark for the development of the industry.


Power line patrol mainly solves the "internal medicine" problems on transmission lines such as tree barriers and dangerous point detection. It can intuitively and quickly reflect the three-dimensional point cloud of the power corridor, and then classify the point cloud to distinguish information such as power lines, vegetation, buildings, etc. With the special power inspection software, the point cloud data can be post-processed to quickly form a report on dangerous points of power inspection, which provides an important data reference for the repair and reconstruction of power distribution lines.

Hummingbird LiDAR is widely used in State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, and provincial power grids. As a low-cost and lightweight solution for the power industry, it has successfully solved the problem of point cloud collection and 3D reconstruction of transmission lines in extremely harsh environments.

In the future, Beike Tianhui will, as always, adhere to the innovative and pragmatic enterprise spirit, closely follow national policies, work with industry partners to promote the development and application of UAV power inspection technology, and use the "product + service" dual engine to showcase Chinese enterprises Responsibility and responsibility, lead China's independent lidar brand to internationalization!

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