Zhuhai, China, September 28, 2021 – this year, Pei Genesis ushered in the 75th anniversary of the company. In 1946, Murray Fisher and Bernie bernbaum, two close friends, jointly founded the Philadelphia electronics company in Philadelphia, the predecessor of Beijie connector. So far, the business of Beijie connector has spread in many countries and regions around the world, providing support for the global aviation, oil and gas, industry, railway, medical and other industries. It has four automatic chemical plants in North America, Europe and Asia, with more than 700 employees and an operating revenue of more than US $250 million.


Beijie connector headquarters, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

“Today’s world market is changing rapidly and technology is changing with each passing day. The values of Beijie connector have always remained unchanged,” said Mr. Steven Fisher, chairman and CEO of Beijie connector. “For decades, we have always adhered to integrity & innovation, continuous measurable improvement and unity and cooperation The “Icare” values of (a team approach), respect for the individual and excellence to our customers are committed to creating more added value for customers. It is the belief of Beijie connector, which helps us to be more competitive in the rapidly changing global market. “

Clarify the development direction and focus on connector value-added services

From a small company whose business scope includes vacuum tubes, connectors and other semiconductor devices to an international enterprise with businesses in many countries and regions around the world and the reputation of “trusted connector expert”, how does Beijie connector clarify its development direction and gradually consolidate its influence in the connector industry?


Mr. Steven Fisher, chairman and CEO of Beijie connector

In the 1970s, the semiconductor industry developed in full swing. As the second generation manager of Beijie connector, Mr. Steven Fisher officially joined the company. By observing and predicting the development of the market industry, he made an important decision to focus the company’s strategic direction on precision connector solutions and give up other semiconductor businesses. Mr. Steven Fisher recalled: “at that time, I mainly considered three strategic factors. First, the development direction of the company’s industry should be stable growth rather than ups and downs. Second, the company’s business must be able to provide customers with more added value. Third, it should be able to cooperate with global leading brands.” this decision was made to his father, Mr. Murray Fisher For the company and its employees, it is a huge directional change. Moreover, Mr. Steven Fisher also proposed that in addition to connector products, the company should be able to provide professional consulting services for connector products. Since then, Beijie connector has invested heavily in cultivating the technical knowledge and customization ability of employees to understand the special requirements and applications of connectors in different industries.

In 1952, Beijie connector officially became an authorized assembly plant of ITT cannon and provided value-added services to customers, which marked that Beijie connector officially moved forward from an ordinary electronic component distributor to a connector expert who can provide value-added services.

Global strategic layout establishes the industry status of “connector expert”

With the clear development direction, under the leadership of Mr. Steven Fisher, Beijie connector officially opened its road of globalization through a series of strategic layout.


Beijie connector is a global production base

In the 1990s, Beijie connector’s factory in South Bend, Indiana, became the world’s leading connector assembly factory at that time. Subsequently, Beijie connector factory in Southampton, UK and Zhuhai, China were successively completed and put into operation. In 2016, it completed the acquisition of Chandler filconn Co., Ltd. in Arizona, USA. So far, Beijie connector has four as9100d certified automatic chemical plants in North America, Europe and Asia, and has set up sales offices in North America, Britain, Germany, Italy, France, Israel, Turkey, India, China and other countries and regions.

In addition to branches, the global strategic layout is also reflected in product inventory. Beijie connector has a spot inventory of connectors worth more than US $100 million, all from more than 20 industry-leading manufacturers such as Amphenol, ITT cannon, Anderson, cinch, conesys, Lemo, souriau sunbank and positronic. Globally, 70% of the shipments of Beijie connectors are assembled according to orders.

Relying on the global massive spot inventory, rapid assembly and manufacturing capacity, one order, 48 hour rapid delivery, and the local service of professional engineers and expert teams, Beijie connector has quickly won the recognition of the global market and customers, and established its industry position as a “trusted connector expert”.

Since the Beijie connector factory in Zhuhai was put into operation in 2015, the Asia Pacific region of Beijie connector has become the fastest growing market of Beijie connector for several consecutive years. At present, Beijie Zhuhai factory has 11 assembly lines authorized by the original factories such as Amphenol, souriau and ITT cannon, and is the only authorized assembly factory of multiple brands and product series in the Asia Pacific region. In the future, Beijie Zhuhai factory will add more assembly lines authorized by the original factory, such as D-sub series, ITT commercial 5015 series, 62GB series and harness assembly services, so as to better serve the local market.

Comply with the development of the times and strengthen online and local service capabilities

With the change of market and the development of science and technology, the new generation of engineers and purchasers prefer to use the Internet to search for solutions. Conforming to the development of the times, Beijie connector launched mypei online platform (www.peigenesis. Com) in 2010 and officially entered the field of e-commerce. Beijie’s e-commerce platform is not only a procurement tool, customers can also obtain a full range of services such as professional online consulting services, product information, product inventory, industry experience, order tracking and so on. With the help of the e-commerce platform, more customers can understand Beijie’s interconnection solutions and advantages, improve the crowd and efficiency covered by Beijie’s professional services, and aim to better serve global customers.


Beijie connector Zhuhai factory

At the same time, Beijie connector will further strengthen local service capacity. In 2021, Beijie connector will add a team of local sales engineers in Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, India and other countries. The sales office in Singapore is also under preparation and is expected to be put into use in September 2021. “The Asia Pacific region is the fastest growing market of Beijie connector, and we will continue to improve Beijie’s local service capacity,” said Mr. Xu Menglan, general manager of Beijie connector Asia Pacific region “Especially in the Chinese market, the long-term strategy of Beijie connector is to support China’s local industries, including aviation, railway, new energy, oil and gas, industrial automation, medical treatment, etc. to realize the vision of taking root in China, integrating into the supply chain of Chinese industry and supporting Chinese customers.”

The “Icare” values of honesty and trustworthiness, development and innovation, excellence, unity and cooperation, respect for individuals and providing excellent services to customers are the same values of Beijie connector in the past 75 years, and its commitment to create more added value for customers is the driving force for the development of Beijie connector. Standing on the starting line for the next 75 years, the 75 year old Beijie connector is young.

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