The industrial Internet of things (iiot) is revolutionizing the industrial automation market. Previously, only simple switch signals were exchanged locally through the control panel, but now with the help of IO link, OPC UA and other technologies, we can provide detailed status data globally through the cloud. Realizing the transparency from sensors to actuators will bring new possibilities for intelligent applications in industry 4.0.


IO link master with OPC UA interface

Innovative applications, such as predictive maintenance and efficient production, even customized production with batch size of 1, seem to be in the distant future, but it may soon come true. From April 19, as one of the main contents of Pepperl + Fuchs digital exhibition, “iiot” content section will let you understand the technology behind the industrial Internet of things, as well as the innovative industrial Internet of things components provided by Pepperl + Fuchs for the industry. You will also get information on how to realize the industrial Internet of things in specific applications. Each topic contains rich information and materials, including expert discussions, lectures and video presentations.


Seamless communication from sensor to cloud

Automation is our world. The perfect solution is our goal.

With the courage of entrepreneurship, fearless pioneering spirit and persistent innovation concept, Walter pepper and Ludwig Fuchs, the founders of Beckhoff, jointly founded a radio repair factory in Mannheim in 1945. Years later, they invented the world’s first proximity switch, which confirmed their creativity. The close cooperation between becafur and its customers, as well as its innovative automation technology and procedures, have created the starting point of its brilliant history. Today, we pay more attention to the personalized needs of each customer.

Whether as a pioneer in the field of electrical explosion-proof or an innovator in the field of high-efficiency sensors, the close cooperation with customers is the reason why we become a leader in the field of automation. Our goal is to combine our advanced technology and all-round service to optimize the customer’s process and application.

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