Pepperl + Fuchs launched SR series, further consolidating its position as a supplier of explosion-proof equipment in the field of process automation. This new stainless steel housing series is a good complement to gr series made of glass fiber reinforced plastics. The new series provides a highly flexible and cost-effective combination of control and distribution solutions for the protection class ex e (increased safety) field.

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SR junction box

SR: cost effective ex e stainless steel housing series for a wide range of applications

The SR series is made of durable stainless steel and has more than 30 housing sizes to meet the precise size requirements for each intended use. In order to further improve the cost-effectiveness, the IP66 / NEMA 4x cabinet is reduced to the basic version. Beckhoff will integrate any accessories, such as pressure plate, hinge, quarter rotary lock and lock cover device, according to the corresponding order specifications. As a result of the various international certification, the series can be used in almost all application fields around the world.

The cabinet is at – 60 ° C to + 120 ° C temperature range has been certified, according to the application requirements can be installed vertically or horizontally in the workplace. All SR series models can be wall mounted with a rotary 90 ° The mounting bracket or riveting nut is directly tightened for installation without further adjustment. If the SR series is used as the operation station, the interface module can be fixed on the guide rail or directly on the housing cover.

GR: sister series made of glass fiber reinforced plastics

From a strategic and technical point of view, SR series is a supplement to the product portfolio of Beckhoff – a supplement to the existing GR series. The GR series includes a range of IP66 / NEMA 4x enclosures made of antistatic, high strength glass fiber reinforced polyester. This UV stabilized material is very durable and has excellent corrosion resistance.

The innovative design of GR series makes installation quite easy: separate installation steps mean that even one person can install large and bulky cabinets. Like SR series, GR series offers many different sizes and options to meet a wide range of application requirements.


GR operation station

Single source solution for control and distribution of ex e

Beckhoff’s overall service philosophy runs through these two ex e cabinet series, that is, focusing on maximizing the degree of vertical integration, and always providing extensive support for users. In addition to regional field service, customers can contact product experts from six solution engineering centers (SEC) around the world, who can provide all-round assistance, from quotation to customized control and distribution of solution related engineering, design and certification.

Automation is our world. The perfect solution is our goal.

With the courage of entrepreneurship, fearless pioneering spirit and persistent innovation concept, Walter pepper and Ludwig Fuchs, the founders of Beckhoff, jointly founded a radio repair factory in Mannheim in 1945. Years later, they invented the world’s first proximity switch, which confirmed their creativity. The close cooperation between becafur and its customers, as well as its innovative automation technology and procedures, have created the starting point of its brilliant history. Today, we pay more attention to the personalized needs of each customer.

Whether as a pioneer in the field of electrical explosion-proof or an innovator in the field of high-efficiency sensors, the close cooperation with customers is the reason why we become a leader in the field of automation. Our goal is to combine our advanced technology and all-round service to optimize the customer’s process and application.

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