Not long ago, beatsaber released an update to launch a multiplayer game experience that supports 5 players online. However, the multi player mode of beatsaber PSVR version will be postponed to January 2021.

In a tweet, beatgames said, “porting the multiplayer mode to PSVR is our top priority at present, but the development time is much longer than we expected. If everything goes according to plan, we will release the PSVR version of the multiplayer mode in January.”

Game updates on the PSVR platform usually lag behind other platforms, as do other DLCs of beatsaber. Vacationsimulator:backtojob just landed on the PSVR platform this week, a month behind other platforms. However, the postponement of beatsaber’s multiplayer mode to January next year obviously exceeds the time that PSVR users usually need to wait.

“We will complete the multiplayer mode of PS4 version as soon as possible, and continue to add more new tracks to the game music library!”, Beatgames is expressed in subsequent tweets. This year, beatsaber will also launch BTS (bullet proof Youth League) music package on the whole platform, but it is not clear whether the music package will also be postponed to the PSVR platform.

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