On November 9, the operating system industry summit 2021 with the theme of “building roots and casting souls, chasing dreams of the stars and the sea in the digital age” was held online and offline in Beijing National Convention Center. The summit was co sponsored by the open atom open source foundation and a number of industry institutes / associations, and gathered more than 300 enterprises / organizations covering government, industry, University, research and application to jointly promote the development of the operating system industry and the prosperity of the basic software ecology.

At this summit, Runhe software attended with a variety of hardware based on openharmony operating system, and exhibited a full range of Hongmeng hardware product matrix covering three different capability levels: openharmony lightweight system, small system and standard system. Two new products for new digital scenes, hh-scdayu200 and 5g smart car, were also exhibited on the scene.

Building the soul of digital infrastructure

The highlight of this summit is undoubtedly that “after 660 days of open source, the Euler operating system officially donated relevant assets such as code, brand trademark and community infrastructure to the open atom open source foundation.” This is another big move of its founding enterprise after donating Hongmeng basic framework. EULA server operating system software is an enterprise level Linux operating system platform and an open source operating system for digital infrastructure. EULA’s donation can be said to be an accelerator for the co construction of digital infrastructure industry.

The person in charge of the founding enterprise of Euler said that in the future, the two operating systems of Hongmeng and Euler will be continuously built to realize the operating system layout covering all scenarios, and all of them are open source. It is reported that Euler and Hongmeng have realized the sharing of kernel technology. In the future, they will further realize the sharing in distributed soft bus, security OS, device driver framework, new programming language, etc., and realize ecological interoperability and cloud side collaboration through capacity sharing, so as to better serve the whole scene of digitalization.

The whole series of Hongmeng hardware carries the soul of China

Since September, 2020, as one of the seven co construction units of the openharmony open source project of the open atom open source foundation, Runhe software, based on openharmony and adopting component-based design schemes, has successively launched hispark series, Neptune series and Dayu series of intelligent hardware covering the fields of intelligent connection, intelligent vision and intelligent computing to support openharmony device development and ecological construction; At the same time, as Oh dev board sig leader, Runhe software is committed to leading the working group to provide openharmony’s chip selection and migration adaptation planning; Organize the development of hardware interface specifications to ensure the universality of the board.

In this summit, Runhe software took 7 products to the exhibition, including hh-scdayu200 supporting L3 and above capabilities and 5g smart car for 5g scenarios.

Hh-scdayu200 development kit

Based on rockchip64 bit processor rk3568, it integrates dual core architecture GPU and high-performance NPU, supports Bluetooth, Wi Fi, audio, video, camera and other functions, has rich expansion interfaces, supports a variety of video input and output interfaces, and is suitable for intelligent NVR, cloud terminal, Internet of things gateway, industrial control, information release terminal, multimedia advertising machine and other scenarios.

5g smart car development kit

Based on Hisilicon hi3861v100 chip, rg500u-cn 5g module communication is adopted to meet 5g communication technology experience, network configuration, end-to-end data interaction process and scenario application of Internet of vehicles; Support risc-v, assembler design, C language application development, etc; The openocd JTAG debugging tool is configured to facilitate developers to quickly debug experimental cases. It is applicable to 5g communication technology experience, vehicle networking scenario application practice teaching and experimental training, microprocessor principle and application courses, and can also be widely used in intelligent terminal scenarios such as intelligent logistics and unmanned vehicles.

OpenHarmonyAs a full scene operating system that can connect thousands of industries, it has received strong support from various industries under the organization of the open atom open source foundation and the governance of the project group working committee. Since joining the open atom open source foundation, Runhe software has accumulated more and more experience by continuously empowering core developers and ecological partners. In the future, it will undertake more work on openharmony open source projects and jointly build a prosperous environment for domestic open source operating systems.

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