The battery capacity is really difficult to balance

However, it should be possible for us to equalize the voltage of each battery when the battery pack is discharged.

It is obviously meaningless and unnecessary to let go of the excess power in vain. Why can’t this part of the energy be replenished to the battery with less power through the inverter. Lengthen the shortest board of the bucket.

In fact, there are few or even individual batteries that lose power.

Then, to balance the voltage during the discharge process of the battery pack, as long as the power is taken from the entire battery pack and inverted to the backward battery.

For power batteries, it can be done more beautifully,

Balance the backward battery with the recovered braking energy,

The contribution to the battery pack is really forty-two thousand pounds.

Everyone has weaknesses, and it is inevitable that some people exaggerate in terms of braking energy recovery.

Almost all domestic institutions engaged in research in this area boast on their websites that braking energy recovery can increase the driving range of electric vehicles by more than 20%.

In fact, if you think about it a little bit, you will know,

1 How high is the conversion efficiency from electrical energy to kinetic energy and back to electrical energy?

2 What are the chances that a vehicle must brake when driving normally on a city road?

How many of them can really be used efficiently?

If there is no moisture, a realistic calculation, this part of the energy is about 7%.

Seven percent of this recovered energy is used only for cell balancing.

Reviewing Editor: Liu Qing

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