At the “cloud side collaborative application innovation promotion meeting”, China Academy of communications announced the capability evaluation results of the first batch of trusted Internet of things cloud platforms. Tencent cloud Internet of things platform was officially listed and became the first cloud manufacturer in China to pass this certification.

Tencent cloud has passed the two certifications of the general and security capabilities of the trusted Internet of things cloud platform this time. It fully meets the requirements of the national trusted Internet of things cloud platform in terms of enterprise attributes, equipment management, data management, application access and security capabilities of the Internet of things platform, and has become one of the first cloud computing enterprises in China to obtain the authoritative certification.

As an important hub of Tencent’s Internet of things industry chain, Tencent cloud Internet of things platform plays a key role in connecting the preceding and the following. It accesses decentralized Internet of things devices downward, collects data, provides application service providers with a basic platform for application development and a unified data interface for the underlying network, and supports specific Internet of things applications based on sensor data.

Based on Tencent cloud Internet of things platform, the linkage of intelligent devices such as intelligent speakers is realized

In short, Tencent cloud Internet of things platform can provide a safe, stable and efficient connection platform for Internet of things users, and help developers quickly realize reliable and highly concurrent data communication between devices, devices and user applications, devices and cloud services at low cost. It can not only realize the interaction between devices, data reporting and configuration distribution of devices, but also connect with multiple cloud service products of Tencent cloud based on the rule engine, so as to conveniently and quickly realize the storage, calculation and intelligent analysis of massive device data.

At present, Tencent cloud Internet of things platform has served a number of enterprises and derived more professional vertical field segmentation industry solutions on the basis of connecting the platform.

In the field of smart hotels, Yaduo Hotel, Shangri La Hotel and other enterprises have realized the linkage of intelligent equipment such as electric curtains, smart speakers, smart TVs and air purifiers based on Tencent cloud Internet of things platform. Scene conversion can be realized through voice and device interaction, so as to greatly improve the happiness of passengers’ housing experience.

In terms of smart logistics, Tencent cloud Internet of things platform provides Sinotrans with intelligent positioning and warehousing services based on rich access capabilities and equipment monitoring and management. Through radio frequency identification, indoor networking positioning and other technologies, the goods location in the warehouse is associated with the vehicle location, the sorting path is planned, the goods in and out of the warehouse are automatically identified, and the goods data are synchronized with the cloud system in time. In addition, the platform can also be used to alarm the movement of goods at non-compliance time and location, so as to improve operation efficiency.

Moreover, positioned as a full link Internet of things infrastructure provider, Tencent cloud Internet of things is actively helping various industries to carry out digital and intelligent transformation under the new scenario of connecting people and things.

Based on the different needs of practical IOT in different industries, Tencent cloud IOT combines its own basic cloud services and AI and big data capabilities provided by intelligent services to flexibly provide overall solutions to various industries to help enterprises choose appropriate products and services to solve problems. At the same time, Tencent cloud Internet of things also provides products and services covering cloud, management, edge and end to help enterprises carry out IOT transformation. Enterprises only need to pay attention to their core business without paying attention to platform construction, stability, security and other issues.

On the end side, Tencent cloud provides a self-developed Internet of things operating system to simplify the device on the cloud. On the management side, Tencent cloud provides low-power WAN services to support the access of smart cities, parks and meter applications. At the same time, Tencent cloud provides highly reliable device connection and message communication services physical network communication in the cloud.

In terms of edge computing, video, security and traffic management services, Tencent cloud Internet of things also provides products to meet the needs of customers in different application scenarios.

It is worth mentioning that the “Tencent Lianlian” products of Tencent cloud Internet of things comprehensively reduce the R & D threshold of Internet of things products and improve the speed of product R & D by providing a set of C to B open platform services to the Internet of things industry. At the same time, it provides a consumer oriented application portal with wechat applet as the carrier, integrates Tencent’s internal brand and a number of advantageous content services, and helps the real arrival of the era of Internet of everything. Users can search “Tencent Lianlian” applet through wechat for product experience.

At present, the Internet of things is developing at an alarming speed. Some data show that the compound annual growth rate of the Internet of things market is as high as 24.7%. By the end of 2021, 94% of enterprises will adopt the Internet of things. Facing the upcoming Internet of things market, Tencent cloud will not only comprehensively accelerate the construction of Internet of things infrastructure, but also cooperate with more partners to create multi scenario solutions to accelerate the large-scale implementation of Internet of things industry applications.

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