I. hardware introduction

The main control chip uses the 100 pin stm32f103vet6, the gyroscope uses the mpu6050, the motor drive uses the tb6612, the Bluetooth is encapsulated by the hc05 stamp hole, the WiFi uses the usr-wifi 232-s of Jinan someone technology, the car chassis uses a certain model with coder of the balance car home (not mine, classmate’s), the battery uses a 7.2 nickel cadmium battery, and the LCD uses the OLED with 1.3-inch IIC interface of zhongjingyuan electronics, The switch uses a three pin button switch, the battery interface uses a t plug, and the resistance capacitor is basically packaged in 0603. The encoder uses asm1117-5.0 for 5V step-down, sp6203 for 3.3V step-down. The dial switch uses a 4P patch type with an angular distance of 2.54mm. The key is a two pin patch. The microusb interface uses a 5-pin 7.2 four pin plug-in plate cow horn base. The ultrasonic is the kind of a few dollars rotten Street on a treasure. The buzzer is active, The encoder is provided by the car chassis, and the battery voltage detection is measured by connecting ad inside MCU through voltage follower after resistance voltage division.

2、 Introduction to main control board resources

Stm32f103vet6 main control chip; Two microusb ports, the first is serial port 1 of MCU, which can be used as an ordinary serial port to send and receive data. By adjusting the boot option on the board, it can also be used as an ISP download program interface; The second is SWD hardware simulation interface; Bluetooth module, connected with serial port 2 of MCU; WiFi module, connected with serial port 3 of MCU; A 1.3-inch IIC protocol LCD interface; Ultrasonic interface; Dual motor drive; Six axis gyroscope; Battery voltage detection; 4 LEDs for commissioning; 4 independent keys; A set of 4P dial switches; Active buzzer; Two 6p motor interfaces with ab phase encoder.

You can design your own according to this idea, or you can download the completed products through Baidu online disk listhttps://www.aiesst.cn/share.html

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