Huawei released the smart and simple medical Internet of things solution at the Hangzhou station of “network innovation technology forum 2020”, which helps the hospital informatization and intelligent upgrading, realizes the interconnection of medical personnel, drugs and medical devices, improves medical quality and patient satisfaction, and contributes to accelerating the process of healthy China in the post epidemic era.

2020 is the end of the 13th five year plan for healthy China and the beginning of healthy China 2030. At present, the national epidemic prevention and control has achieved phased victory, but this national war has given a new connotation of “healthy China”. In February 5th, the national health and Health Committee issued the notice on strengthening information technology to support the prevention and control of pneumonia in New Coronavirus infection, and put forward five requirements: giving full play to the support of informatization in assisting epidemic diagnosis, innovating diagnosis and treatment mode and improving service efficiency, so as to earnestly carry out epidemic detection, prevention and control and emergency disposal.

The number of hospitals in China is about 33589, with 2.78 billion patients diagnosed and treated annually. At present, major hospitals are overcrowded. On the one hand, medical work is heavy, and 77% of doctors say they have worked more than 50 hours a week; On the other hand, patients’ poor medical experience and long queuing time lead to medical anxiety, accounting for 49%.

In the post epidemic era and the background of medical digital transformation, smart medicine has become the ultimate goal of medical informatization. Huawei Zhijian medical Internet of things solution, based on high and new technologies such as big data, cloud computing and Wi Fi 6, opens up people (medical staff, patients and family members), things (equipment, drugs and consumables) and processes (business and management), and reduces the cost of hospital network construction and operation, Improve the efficiency of medical work, improve the lean management level of the hospital, and improve the medical experience of patients.

Network integration to reduce network construction and operation cost

Huawei smart hospital network, multi network integration, integrates wired network, wireless network, IOT network and navigation network, effectively reducing the cost of network construction and later operation and maintenance. Campusinsight is based on intelligent analysis of big data and AI, minute positioning, and fault knowledge base to accurately identify the root cause of the problem and give repair suggestions. The medical Internet of things all-in-one machine pre integrates security, network, unified management platform and Internet of things business. It can realize the hourly delivery of Internet of things business, standardize configuration, reduce maintenance difficulty and save operation cost.

Based on Huawei IOT + Wi Fi expansion capability

Mobile clinic to improve medical efficiency

Build a Wi Fi 6 medical Internet of things with Gbps full wireless experience, cooperate with nurses and doctors’ handheld devices, mobile RV and electronic medical records, and realize the wireless, mobile and barcode management of clinical medical services. Based on Huawei’s IOT + Wi Fi expansion capability, it directly senses sensors such as baby tags, infusion monitors and vital signs monitoring, and uploads baby location, infusion status and vital signs data to the background server to realize intelligent and information-based management of medical business.

Human resource management to improve hospital lean management level

Based on the expansion capability of Huawei Wi Fi 6 Internet of things, realize the fine management of assets, and the first-aid equipment such as ventilator and oxygen device can be in place at any time to improve the first-aid efficiency; Through RFID technology, efficient asset inventory can be completed in minutes, saving inventory workload; During the epidemic, the use of Internet of things technology can accurately perceive the hand hygiene status of medical staff, remind medical staff to wash their hands and disinfect in time, record the hand hygiene status of medical staff in the background, improve the compliance rate of medical staff and effectively reduce the hospital infection rate.

Intelligent medical treatment to improve patients’ medical experience

The hospital has a large area, many floors and scattered departments. Using Wi Fi 6 and Internet of things technology, it can realize high-precision indoor navigation service, and realize the whole process automatic navigation from registration, Department queuing, laboratory inspection and pharmacy medicine taking. Based on the analysis of people flow thermodynamic diagram, it can also provide scientific basis for hospital operation management and procurement decision-making. The intelligent bedside interactive system supports intelligent functions such as patient call, patient sign collection, environmental control, meal ordering, video visit and nursing information, and supports connection with the mainstream mobile nursing information system to facilitate nurses to obtain nursing information at the bedside.

Bi Jinjun, head of Huawei’s China government enterprise digital communication solution sales department, mentioned at the “network innovation technology forum 2020” Shanghai station: “Huawei smart simple medical Internet of things solution plays a vital role in the implementation and practice of smart medicine. Through intelligent and reliable full connection, it improves the information management level of medical institutions, optimizes resource reconfiguration and improves service efficiency, so as to accelerate the intelligent upgrading of the medical industry.”

In the future, Huawei is willing to work with partners to enable the digital transformation of the medical industry, provide leading solutions to improve the efficiency and quality of hospital services, reduce illness and accelerate the promotion of healthy China!

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