Looking back on the extraordinary 2020, human society is facing unprecedented challenges that have completely changed the way people produce and live. However, we have also seen that under the influence of the new crown epidemic, the digitalization process of the whole society has accelerated, and the development of the digital economy has entered a fast lane.

As a central enterprise, China Telecom will fully support the digital transformation of the economy and society for a long time. In 2020, China Telecom will make full use of 5G, cloud computing, Internet of Things and other digital means to participate in the anti-epidemic work. And comprehensive cloud, and give full play to resource endowment and technological advantages, empower thousands of industries, and promote high-quality development of enterprises.

In 2020, China Telecom is also the only domestic telecom service provider with continuous growth in both revenue and net profit (as of the first three quarters), and the only basic telecom operator with positive growth in the number of mobile users (as of the end of November). At the same time, 5G users maintained a continuous growth trend, broadband users grew steadily, and both E-surfing HD users and IoT users achieved rapid growth.

SA takes the lead in large-scale commercial use, and solidly promotes co-construction and sharing

2020 is the year of large-scale deployment of 5G. The latest data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows that my country has built a total of 718,000 5G base stations, with an increase of 580,000 this year, promoting co-construction and sharing of 330,000, and all prefecture-level cities have achieved 5G network coverage. . The number of 5G users has grown rapidly, and the number of 5G terminal connections has exceeded 200 million. In terms of 5G applications, smart manufacturing, smart medical care, and smart education have all begun to take root.

In terms of China Telecom, it has always adhered to the 5G development strategy targeting SA. In October 2019, China Telecom announced the global commercial launch of the Shenzhen SA network. In June 2020, China Telecom took the lead in releasing the "5G SA Deployment Guide". In November, China Telecom announced the establishment of the world's largest 5G SA co-construction and shared network, and achieved the world's first large-scale commercial use. Up to now, China Telecom has built and opened 203,000 5G base stations, shared 162,000 stations, and has opened nearly 365,000 stations in the entire network. Covering more than 300 cities across the country, with nearly 80 million 5G users.

At the same time, China Telecom has always insisted on leading the development of 5G with standards and increased investment in scientific research. In the 3GPP R16 standard, China Telecom led the formulation of 10 technical standards and led the completion of the 5G "super uplink" core standard. At the same time, aiming at the evolution of SA standards, China Telecom led the establishment of super uplink enhancement, network coverage improvement, non-public network networking, multi-band high-power terminals, system interference elimination and other projects in R17, aiming to continuously improve SA coverage and capacity performance , as well as expanding support for verticals.

In order to give full play to the application potential of 5G SA, China Telecom adheres to the application-driven approach, focuses on customer segments, and creates three types of 5G customized network service models of “Zhiyuan”, “Beijing” and “Ryuyi” according to different industry needs and scenarios. Through customized "5G + edge + cloud + X" integrated services, it fully meets the end-to-end digital needs of customers in different industries in the process of informatization transformation and upgrading, and accelerates the pace of digital transformation and upgrading of industry customers.

In the process of co-construction and sharing, China Telecom and China Unicom, without any experience to learn from, boldly explored and made every effort to achieve "one physical network, two logical networks, 4G/5G efficient coordination and independent operation" . It has achieved three "world firsts": the world's first and largest co-construction and sharing 5G network; the world's first 200MHz large-bandwidth high-performance 5G network; the world's first 5G with TDD+FDD hybrid network network. Through co-construction and sharing, 5G network construction and operation costs can be significantly reduced, CAPEX is expected to save about 40%, and OPEX can be saved by about 35% each year, fully highlighting the advantages of co-construction and sharing.

Accelerate digital transformation based on "cloud-to-digital transformation"

As the first telecom operator in the world to put forward the concept of cloud-network integration development, China Telecom further proposed at the mid-2020 work conference to "accelerate cloud-network integration, institutional innovation, open cooperation, and internal digitization" to "accelerate cloud-to-digital transformation," Promote high-quality development”, and promote the digital transformation of the whole society with its own digital transformation.

China Telecom believes that 5G + cloud network integration is the foundation and cornerstone of the digital economy. The 5G era is the era of the cloud, and it is also the era of the integration of the cloud and the network. The two coexist and grow together, complement each other and promote each other. The integration of cloud and network will give birth to a variety of industry applications.

China Telecom adheres to the basic principle and general idea of ​​"the network is the foundation, the cloud is the core, the network moves with the cloud, and the cloud and network are integrated" to promote cloud-network integration. Through the "land, sea, air and sky" integrated basic network capabilities, it provides basic network facilities for the Internet of Everything. Relying on the largest hybrid cloud in China and the largest cloud for operators in the world – E-Surfing Cloud, it provides safe and reliable data storage, computing and processing. cloud services. In addition, the collaborative layout of 2+4+31+X+O public cloud + exclusive cloud empowers in-depth computing and mining of data elements, thereby accelerating the transformation of the digital industry.

In the development of cloud-network integration, security runs through all the time. Based on the network security advantages of operators, China Telecom builds the security capabilities of the integration of the device, network and cloud, and builds an end-to-end security capability system through network native security + trusted cloud. China Telecom's cloud embankment products horizontally empower customers' various access scenarios, making China Telecom's private line, IDC, cloud, 5G, and home broadband with security attributes; vertically, thousands of industries can create this unique piece of business in China Telecom Share clear cyberspace on a secure base.

At the 2020 Tianyi Intelligent Ecological Expo, China Telecom took the lead in releasing the "Cloud-Network Integration 2030 Technical White Paper", which further clarified that the future development priorities of cloud-network integration are: open sharing, cloud-network collaboration, cloud-cloud aggregation, and agile operation. After going through the collaboration stage (2021-2022), the integration stage (2023-2027), and the integration stage (2028-2030), the cloud-network integration will finally be realized.

Government and enterprises set off again, aiming at 5G to empower hundreds of industries and thousands of industries

It is the consensus of the industry that 5G empowers hundreds of industries and thousands of industries. It undertakes the mission of digital transformation of the government and enterprise industries, and will also create greater development opportunities for telecom operators. Therefore, China Telecom's investment in 5G is not only the network infrastructure, but also the innovation of business models and the creation of industrial ecology, and 2B and 2G are the keys to creating 5G value.

In order to better meet the informatization needs of government and enterprise customers and facilitate the digital transformation and upgrading of the industry, China Telecom made adjustments to the original "Group Government and Enterprise Customer Division" and established the "Group Government and Enterprise Information Service Business Group", which was the first batch of health care companies to be established. , emergency, political, legal and public security, rural agriculture, housing construction, residential services, industry, education, transportation and logistics, VIP services and other ten major industry business divisions, build a professional, digital, market-oriented marketing service system, and actively promote the implementation of industry applications, Empowering industry transformation and development.

As we all know, China Telecom has always had a certain first-mover advantage in the development of government and enterprise business. After years of operation practice, China Telecom has accumulated abundant cloud network resources and built an information and communication network of "fixed-mobile integration, integration of heaven and earth", with the world's largest optical network, data center, comprehensive access bureau and independent Controllable cloud platform. The world's largest NB-IoT network built by China Telecom; Tianyi Cloud, which has long been ranked in the top 3 of China's public cloud market, etc., all provide a strong infrastructure for the expansion of vertical industry business.

The purpose of further establishing the "Group Government and Enterprise Information Service Business Group" is to establish a more focused industry service organization system, promote 5G + cloud network integration, consolidate the digital foundation of cloud network security, upgrade atomic capabilities, promote the construction of atomic capabilities ecology, and create products that meet business needs. A scenario-based solution, upgrade channels, change delivery mode, realize the digital transformation of government-enterprise service mode, and integrate supply chain resources based on customer needs to realize China Telecom's DICT projects that are closer, more integrated, more professional and more efficient Overall delivery.

Cultivate industrial innovation alliances to enable 5G commercialization

Ke Ruiwen, chairman of China Telecom, pointed out that the development of 5G, whether it is the construction of network infrastructure or the creation of application scenarios, requires the active participation of partners in the industry chain and ecosystem, to jointly prosper the ecology, jointly seek development, and jointly improve customer acquisition. sense.

In the past year, China Telecom has made positive progress in the ecological construction of the 5G industry. On the one hand, the circle of friends is getting bigger and bigger. Since the establishment of the 5G Industry Innovation Alliance in September 2019, there have been more than 200 alliance members, nearly 1,000 ecological partners, and 54 joint innovation centers, promoting a number of 5G industry integration innovation projects landing. On the other hand, in 5G ToB industries such as emergency response, housing construction, residential services, industry, education, transportation and logistics, VIP services, agriculture and rural areas, health care, political, legal and public security, China Telecom has joined hands with partners to jointly provide 5G for vertical industry customers. Integrated solution. A total of more than 100 industry application demonstration projects have been created.

In addition, China Telecom and its partners have jointly established a 5G joint innovation center and a 5G open laboratory for joint research and development, and achieved remarkable results. Among them, the 5G joint laboratory established by China Telecom and China Aviation Development South Company, in 5G private network construction, industrial park construction, industrial Internet transformation, 5G+AR+ expert manufacturing model, 5G+ sensor + edge computing + manufacturing parameter model, etc. Remarkable results have been achieved. The 5G Intelligent Manufacturing Joint Innovation Center established by China Telecom and Sany Heavy Industry, relying on 5G and MEC edge computing, carries out in-depth exploration of machine vision, remote intelligent driving, AGV and other scenarios, and on the basis of practice, jointly formulates 5G intelligent manufacturing Industry Standard.

At the same time, at this year's E-surfing Intelligent Ecological Expo, China Telecom released a cloud-network integration digital capability platform to open up more than 120 atomic capabilities such as intelligent connection, Internet of Things, and cloud to the industry, and introduced AI, video algorithms, industry Application and other capabilities, and work with the industry to build a digital capability ecosystem.

"Hello 5G Empowering the Future" is the brand identity of China Telecom's 5G business. In the past year, China Telecom has always adhered to the development concept of "what is 5G, users have the final say", providing 5G networks and applications with good user experience and perception. Facing the future, China Telecom will continue to deepen the strategic practice of cloud-network integration and cloud-to-digital transformation to serve the digital transformation of various industries and fields.

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