Of course, hair still needs to be cut, so there are some foreign elder brother’s Barber robots, which are different from many barber robots that use a mechanical arm to hold a push against the hair. The barber robot made by Shane wighton, a YouTube video blogger, imitates teacher Tony’s use of scissors to cut his hair. It looks so interesting.

Barber robot made by foreign bloggers

Usually, Tony teacher will have a comb and a pair of scissors when he is cutting his hair. He will comb his hair with a comb, hold it with his fingers, and then cut it short with scissors. At first, Shane wighton wanted to imitate Tony’s use of a comb, but later found that it was difficult to observe with the help of a camera when using a comb, so she chose another simpler way, using a suction plastic tube to suck up the hair to be cut.

So the whole step of hair cutting is to suck up the hair to be cut, clamp it, and then extend the scissors to cut it.

Barber robot made by foreign bloggers

Does it look like that?

To solve the problem of how to judge where a person’s head is after the haircut. Wighton first thought of using cameras, relying on face recognition and depth algorithm to determine the position of the head in 3D space. But this method has a disadvantage that the camera is easily blocked. So wighton used another simpler method. He installed a switch on the front “finger”. Once the switch touched a person, the mechanical arm would step back to ensure safety.

Barber robot made by foreign bloggers

But the most important thing is how to make the machine understand the human hairstyle. Wighton’s solution is to use 3D modeling to represent the length of hair with the depth of color, that is, the darker the color, the longer the hair.

Barber robot made by foreign bloggers

Of course, the most hard core is that this hairdresser robot can chat with you in the process of hairdressing just like teacher Tony. It’s really wonderful. Teacher Tony calls you expert!

All set, it’s time to perform real technology. However, the reality is cruel. Due to the bug problem of the program, it took only 15 minutes to complete the haircut process, but it took an hour to complete. And the robot is certainly not as flexible as the human hand, it will pull all the way to the hair. Finally cut out of the hair is also hard to say, ah, barely can see. Of course, compared with those barber robots that directly push the shaved head, this one is relatively successful.

Barber robot made by foreign bloggers

To tell you the truth, barber robots are basically in a playful state. After all, the flexibility of human hands is unmatched by robots. Even if we can solve the problem of flexibility, how can we make the machine understand the ultimate problem of hairstyle. Therefore, it is the most reliable way to find a professional Tony teacher for haircut.

But then again, the automation technology has been very developed, and some repetitive machinery work has begun to be replaced by machines, such as automatic assembly line. And artificial intelligence is also developing rapidly, and has begun to show a strong strength. For example, alphago has defeated the world champion Ke Jie, showing a strong dominance in go. Not long ago, iFLYTEK launched AI synthesis anchor to host instead of the host. In addition, Microsoft MSN cuts news editors and turns to AI editors to update the content of the website. The author shivers after hearing this, and may be replaced by AI one day. Of course, maybe teacher Tony will be replaced one day.

Of course, AI is not as good as human beings in many places. Dr. Zhang Wenhong said at the world artificial intelligence conference some time ago that the control of China’s epidemic situation depends on traditional wisdom and urban management, and artificial intelligence is just assistance. In my opinion, AI and robots in the future will be more used to assist us than to replace us. Only those jobs that are not technical, mechanical and monotonous will be replaced.


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