As the preferred manufacturing partner of many enterprises, Flextronics is committed to developing, designing and manufacturing diversified products for customers to make the world a better place. It is the world’s first self driving computing platform ACU (Apollo Computing) customized for Baidu, the world’s leading Internet service provider More than 30 representatives from world-renowned vehicle manufacturers and parts suppliers witnessed this exciting moment. Flextronics and Baidu signed a strategic cooperation agreement in June 2018 to become partners of Baidu Apollo open platform, and work together to provide comprehensive, systematic and reliable solutions for the fields of automatic driving, intelligent Internet connection and intelligent transportation.

Baidu provides innovative ADM aided development business model

Opening ceremony of mass production of Baidu automatic driving hardware platform ACU

“We are very honored to be the main partner of Baidu Apollo’s self parking solution, and witness the formal offline of ACU, the world’s first automatic driving computing platform.” Wang Dianwei, vice president of market development in Asia Pacific region of Flextronics, said excitedly, “in the future, Flextronics will continue to adhere to the strategy of taking root in China and deeply cultivating China. Relying on the world’s excellent supply chain resources and advanced manufacturing capabilities, as well as rich cross enterprise professional knowledge and insight in computer, mobile Internet, communication, energy and other industries, Flextronics will contribute to more Chinese enterprises Our customers provide localized, flexible, customized, safe and reliable innovative technology solutions and value-added manufacturing services. “

In the process of cooperation with Baidu Apollo team on this project, Flextronics has made full use of Silicon Valley innovation center and four global R & D centers in L4 mass production of autonomous taxi Based on the experience and professional knowledge in the project, and based on the advice and architecture requirements of Baidu Apollo experts, we provide innovative ADM aided development business model, customized hardware development, diagnostic software development, industrial design, thermal management structure design, test certificate, supply chain integration and optimization, production line design and large-scale manufacturing for Baidu. The ACU hardware platform, which will be mass produced soon, will be first applied to AVP independent parking products jointly developed by Baidu and Weima in the second half of this year.

“Baidu has been working hard in the field of automatic driving all the time. The mass production of ACU indicates that we have significantly enhanced our capabilities in vehicle specification level functional safety, commercialization of automatic driving products and supply chain management of software and hardware. In this cooperation, Flextronics and Baidu share their own advantageous resources, form an effective technology alliance through complementary resources and technologies, and realize the high integration of intelligence and industrialization. ” Wang Yunpeng, general manager of Baidu’s automatic driving technology department, said.

Automatic driving is one of Flextronics’ global strategic priorities. Flextronics’s advantage in automatic driving lies in giving full play to the company’s professional knowledge and product experience in the fields of computer / server, information communication, Internet, industry and automobile, and providing customers with flexible customized ADM auxiliary development scheme, stable supply chain and production quality assurance. At present, Flextronics’ autopilot products include lidar, millimeter wave radar, data fusion module, L2 to L4 computer / controller, etc.

Flextronics is the only auto parts company with the background of electronic OEM among the top 100 auto parts companies in the world. Its auto business unit was formally established in 2005 as an independent business unit. It has more than 30 factories and R & D centers in 15 countries. In addition to Silicon Valley customer innovation center, it has auto R & D centers in Stuttgart, Shanghai, Toronto, Ottawa and Detroit. Since its establishment, Flextronics has acquired a number of automotive technology companies, including sidler, invotronics, Philips Lighting, stribel, AGM, MCI, etc., and has maintained strategic investment or cooperation with several high-tech companies worldwide. The product strategy of the automotive division is a-c-e-s, that is, automatic driving, automotive interconnection, new energy and intelligence, with a turnover of nearly US $2.7 billion in 2019.

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