After successive changes, baidu finally received good news. On May 31, Baidu and Neusoft group (12.510,   0.00,   0.00%) reached strategic cooperation, and the two sides said they would jointly promote the landing and business model innovation of artificial intelligence in key fields such as smart city and medical health.

Robin Li, chairman and CEO of Baidu, is personally a platform for cooperation. Both sides understand the significance of this cooperation. For Baidu, the high hopes of AI finally landed. For Neusoft, its industrial advantages will be upgraded by Baidu. The advantages of both sides have been fully complementing, and the Internet watchers have seen new hope.

New breakthroughs in industrial Internet

Industrial Internet is one of the hottest words in the TMT field in recent two years. With the change of economic environment, the growth of consumption Internet has already seen the ceiling. “Internet plus” has not found the deep integration of industry after adding a circle, let alone industrial upgrading.

What can really achieve this is the deep integration of big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence with medical treatment, public utilities, smart city, finance and other traditional industries, not just the shallow intersection at the application level. It is an obvious trend to accelerate supply side reform and realize industrial upgrading through industrial Internet, so as to improve the experience of consumer Internet and create new growth points.

Giants know this better than anyone. In September 2018, Tencent once again announced the structural adjustment, established CSIG (cloud and smart industry business group), and officially started the journey of industrial Internet. This is a “new field that Tencent has never experienced” and has once become a hot topic in the industry.

Eight months later, cloud computing has become the main direction for Tencent to cut into the industrial Internet, and Alibaba’s “new manufacturing” concept was born at the same time as CSIG. It hopes to use big data, cloud computing and the Internet of things to transform China’s traditional manufacturing industry, upgrade traditional industries and promote the progress of consumer Internet industry.

As a technology-oriented company, baidu bet on artificial intelligence, but this step is not easy.

Robin Li’s supervision and Lu Qi’s operation, Baidu’s determination to invest in AI is obviously obvious. However, the question is what time to see what the huge investment will be and when the business will be able to land. Many people are worried about Baidu’s persistence in this direction.

After Lu Qi’s departure, many people began to wonder if Baidu would change the core strategic position of AI. But Robin Li said at the internal communication conference that the development strategy of “consolidating the mobile base and winning the AI era” will not change.

This cooperation with Neusoft is not only an important beginning for the landing of Baidu’s artificial intelligence business, but also the substantive progress of industrial Internet in the direction of artificial intelligence.

Two way complementarity of industrial advantages

Compared with the games, videos and live broadcasts selected by Tencent, the manufacturing and retail industries selected by Ali really need to be upgraded, and the more difficult to upgrade are the fields of government affairs, medical treatment, social security and public services. Users have urgent needs for the upgrading of these fields. However, their relative closeness has caused Internet enterprises to be helpless.

Baidu Neusoft cooperation AI landing smart city and medical informatization

For example, when China’s mobile Internet has been highly ahead of other countries in the world, the informatization level of public hospitals is still stretched. From hierarchical diagnosis and treatment to decision-making assistance, Internet technology is needed at all levels to improve efficiency.

However, the hospital wall can not be easily broken through by Internet enterprises. Just as Chunyu doctors, good doctors and other products that have been deeply cultivated in this field for many years are still focusing on business outside the hospital.

This is exactly the advantage of Neusoft. According to the industry analysis report of IDC, Neusoft has maintained the first market share in the field of regional health and hospital informatization for eight consecutive years. By the end of 2018, Neusoft had served more than 2500 hospital customers, nearly 500 tertiary hospitals, more than 30000 grass-roots medical institutions and clinics, and served about 460 million diagnosis and treatment people nationwide every year.

In addition, Neusoft is deeply rooted in the fields of commercial insurance, civil affairs, poverty alleviation, employment, pension and other industries. By the end of 2018, Neusoft’s business covered the Ministry of human resources and social security, 21 provincial departments and 174 municipal bureaus, with a market share of more than 50%, covering more than 700 million people, nearly 50 million insured units and more than 190000 fixed medical units.

Neusoft itself is also highly interested in artificial intelligence. It is reported that its ubione medical self-service all-in-one machine has covered 28 provinces, 400 hospitals and 180 class III hospitals.

The alliance with Baidu undoubtedly makes Neusoft stronger, so that it can focus more on better solutions, platforms and market resources, and break through the artificial intelligence bottleneck under the short board of consumer Internet.

For Baidu, it chose a field that needs industrial intelligence most and is also the most difficult to enter. Baidu, which has been the “entrance” since its birth, found its own entrance in the above fields – Neusoft.

It is reported that Baidu intelligent cloud will jointly upgrade the cloud HIS (hospital information system) with Neusoft group. At the same time, Baidu AI will fully access the HIS product system. The two sides will jointly set up the CDSS (Clinical Assistant Decision Support System) special group based on artificial intelligence technology, and work hand in hand to promote the exploration and application of artificial intelligence decision support system in medical institutions, in the foreseeable future. Chinese people (56.920,0.00,   0.00%), the experience of seeing a doctor will be improved unprecedentedly.

Another direction worthy of attention is the smart city. Neusoft has participated in the overall urban planning and top-level design in Gansu, Hebei, Liaoning, Shanxi and other provinces and cities, covering smart government affairs, smart transportation, smart education and smart energy (4.600,   0.00,   0.00%). Smart city, the future can be expected

Baidu’s advantage lies in the technical accumulation in the overall design of smart city, intelligent transportation, comprehensive treatment and security. Neusoft has a deep accumulation in urban services such as government public services, e-government, social security, medical insurance, environmental protection, public security, transportation, finance, land and housing construction. The combination of the two sides may accelerate the construction and upgrading of smart city projects.

The hardest market to shake is also the most potential market. Baidu and Neusoft are highly coupled in the direction of resources, technology and market. This cooperation is undoubtedly a positive sum game based on their own advantages. Once the cooperation project is truly implemented, it will improve all aspects of domestic people’s livelihood, People will also embrace the convenience and comfort brought by technology after consuming the Internet.


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