Join hands with Neusoft to land robot warfare “epidemic” solutions in more than 30 public places

After the state called for the use of scientific and technological means to help tackle the epidemic, the central government intensively issued relevant policies to speed up the construction of new infrastructure in seven fields, such as artificial intelligence, 5g network and data center.

“New infrastructure” has become a key measure to hedge against the economic downturn and promote economic transformation and upgrading, and the intelligent service robots launched by Baidu and other companies have also played an important role in the epidemic Sniper War and become a highlight of the “epidemic” of the scientific and technological war.

During the epidemic, the number of medical staff infected and diagnosed increased sharply, which brought unprecedented pressure to the local medical system. The front-line hospitals are facing problems such as lack of manpower and shortage of medical resources. How to avoid cross infection of doctors and patients and reduce the pressure of front-line medical staff has become a major challenge for epidemic prevention and control. With the tide of enterprises returning to work and production around the world, personnel flow is inevitable. Corporate buildings, communities, transportation hubs and other public service places also pose new challenges to the temperature monitoring and tracking management of personnel in and out.

Al Baidu joined hands with many companies to launch intelligent service robots in the epidemic Sniper War

In this regard, Baidu and Neusoft have joined forces to complement each other. Relying on Baidu’s leading AI technology advantages and Neusoft’s more than 20 years of software and hardware technical capabilities and industry experience in the medical and health fields, Baidu has jointly launched a robot anti epidemic solution integrating temperature measurement prevention and control, medical assistant, contactless distribution and anti-virus inspection to rush to the front line of anti epidemic. At present, the products have been put into use in more than 30 public places, such as enterprise office building, airport terminal, government hall, hospital outpatient and inpatient department, so as to help epidemic prevention and control and enterprise return to work and production with the power of science and technology.

Neusoft temperature measurement and Control & Intelligent Inspection Robot

The epidemic prevention service robot is mainly used in front-line posts in corporate buildings, transportation hubs, communities and other public places. It can accurately measure the temperature of visitors in combination with face recognition, automatically alarm when it exceeds the warning line, and enter the place only after passing the safety detection; It can also automatically patrol according to the specified route, make timely remote calls, and always guard the first pass for the service place when there is no one on duty.

Neusoft medical assistant robot

Facing the medical industry, the medical assistant robot can quickly triage patients with fever and symptomatic diseases without being on duty, recommend the medical route and department, self-help complete registration, payment, price query and other operations, and realize remote diagnosis through expert connection. The “contactless service” based on voice interaction can effectively avoid the contact transmission of patients and reduce the risk of cross infection between doctors and patients.

Neusoft distribution Knight robot

Contactless distribution robots are mainly used in hospitals, enterprise buildings and other scenes. Doctors accurately send drugs or meals to special wards through robots, scan codes and unlock locks by biometric methods such as face recognition, with no risk in the whole process and closed boxes without pollution. The distribution robot can provide services for 7 * 24 hours, which can not only reduce the risk of manual contact with infectious sources, but also ensure the accuracy and efficiency of distribution work and reduce the labor input cost.

Neusoft disinfection safety guard robot

Disinfection inspection robot is a safety and environmental protection robot with strong sterilization effect. It has the characteristics of complete elimination, safety and environmental protection, autonomous navigation, traceability of disinfection path, etc. it can independently complete map navigation, intelligent obstacle avoidance, intelligent charging after completing disinfection tasks, monitor disinfection process in real time, generate complete work log, and ensure the safety of indoor sanitary disinfection Efficiently.

To cope with the sudden epidemic situation, we need to race against time. Baidu and Neusoft joined hands to create and implement the anti epidemic robot solution on a large scale at the first time, which depends on the long-term technical reserves of both sides, the polishing of products with the combination of software and hardware, and the understanding and landing ability of industry scenes. The ABC robot robot platform launched by Baidu, Relying on its global leading AI technology advantages and working with high-quality partners upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, it has opened up the whole process of robot industrialization application, greatly shortened the cycle from product R & D to online, and ensured the rapid delivery of the project.

The impact of the epidemic is far from over. More efficient services such as intelligent robots, remote office and online teaching will gradually change people’s lifestyle and behavior habits, and force enterprises to think about their own business model, how to improve business efficiency through intelligent means and improve their anti risk ability in response to the “black Swan” incident. This is a new challenge and opportunity in the post epidemic era. Therefore, we have launched the new intelligent service robot “niro-max”, which adopts the international leading design concept and newly defines the human-computer interaction experience of multi-modal integration of voice, vision and touch, so as to make the robot a five-star service personnel who truly “understand what you think and answer your questions”, and carefully build a welcoming and welcoming environment More than ten product functions, such as business guidance and intelligent marketing, comprehensively cover the diversity demands of various public service scenarios, and help enterprises reconstruct service models, improve service experience and shape science and technology image.

In the “epidemic” without gunpowder smoke, the horn of victory has gradually sounded, and the economic reconstruction after the “epidemic” is accelerating. Baidu and Neusoft will fully integrate the technical advantages and industry development details of both sides, accelerate the construction of new infrastructure such as artificial intelligence, alleviate the short-term economic impact brought by the epidemic and improve the long-term growth potential. In the field of medical and health care, we will work together to create more robot products with practical value, contribute to the construction of modern and intelligent medical and health facilities, and make technology truly benefit the people.

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