In the first year of the 14th five year plan, enterprise digitization and intellectualization are entering an explosive period. Technological innovation represented by AI has injected new momentum into enterprise development, and artificial intelligence has further ushered in a development dividend period. In response to the national planning and layout in the field of artificial intelligence, promote the implementation of industrial solutions, and help Qianxing and Baiye accelerate the transformation of digital intelligence. Shenzhen artificial intelligence industry association, together with Kechuang China, Baidu Feibo and Beijing Zhongguancun Zhiku, carried out a half day enterprise AI development and practice activity in Shenzhen.


In recent years, as the key technology of the new generation of artificial intelligence, deep learning has shown great creativity, made breakthroughs in classical artificial intelligence problems such as machine vision, speech recognition and natural language processing, and is also deeply empowering all walks of life.

Behind the wide application of deep learning technology, in addition to the blessing of big data, large computing power and pre training model, the efficient and convenient deep learning framework also brings a lot of benefits to developers. For enterprise AI developers, the open source and open deep learning framework can greatly reduce the threshold of AI development and avoid enterprises from repeatedly building wheels in AI technology. As the earliest open source platform for industrial level in-depth learning in China, flying oar has gathered 3.2 million developers and served 120000 enterprises. More than 360000 models have been created based on the flying oar platform, which plays a role in industries such as industry, electric power, agriculture, forestry and meteorology.

On September 23, baidu flying oar China · Shenzhen station will enter Shenzhen artificial intelligence industry association and invite guests such as Du flying oar senior technical manager, baidu flying oar senior R & D Engineer and Baidu BML product manager to share and exchange face-to-face with on-site enterprise AI developers and partners. At that time, we will listen to topics such as the analysis of the characteristic technology of flying propeller computer vision, the application of machine vision in agriculture, forestry and meteorology industry, and the difficulties and applications of the whole process development of industrial AI quality inspection.

Activity time: Thursday, September 23, 2021 (13:30-17:30)

Venue: Conference Hall of Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Industry Association

Registration method: scan the picture and put down the QR code to participate

Activity prizes: there will also be exquisite gifts to participate in the on-site activities. The quantity is limited, first come, first served

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From the sharing of dry goods by AI technical experts, to the interpretation of industry trends, to the latest case practice in the industry… More highlights are worth looking forward to!

On the afternoon of September 23, we will see each other at the flying paddle China · Shenzhen station.

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