Baidu Apollo is a relatively large open platform for automatic driving in China. Automatic driving is not a game that can be done alone. Baidu’s “setting up the stage” naturally needs small partners to “sing the show”. Recently, the official micro blog of Baidu Apollo said that its open platform of automatic driving has ushered in a number of new ecological partners. The new members of Baidu Apollo platform include white rhinoceros, Guangdong transportation planning and Design Institute, Shanghai urban construction design and Research Institute and Tongji University architectural design and Research Institute.

Baidu Apollo releases news auto driving open platform will welcome new partners

White rhinoceros is a company founded by former Baidu unmanned car team members. At present, the business of white rhinoceros focuses on the research and development of end-to-end instant distribution unmanned vehicles. Several unmanned distribution vehicles have been tested and put into trial operation in Beijing Zhongguancun environmental protection technology demonstration park. It is reported that white rhinoceros will carry Baidu Apollo platform in its vehicle road collaborative products and solutions. Baidu Apollo will join hands with white rhinoceros to participate in intelligent transportation demonstration projects in cities across the country.

Baidu and the three local design institutes have reached strategic cooperation, with different cooperation priorities: to provide comprehensive and systematic intelligent solutions for the fields of automatic driving, vehicle road coordination and intelligent vehicle coupling based on Apollo platform; to carry out in-depth traffic cooperation with Tongji Research Institute to realize the integration of informatization and industrialization; to discuss and implement with Shanghai Urban Construction Design Institute Practice the corresponding business model and accelerate the transition from technology to product.

In December 2019, baidu Apollo continued to upgrade on the basis of the open platform of automatic driving, and released two open platforms of vehicle road collaboration and intelligent vehicle Union. According to Baidu, baidu Apollo has 36000 developers around the world, 178 ecological partners and 560000 lines of open source code.

During the novel coronavirus pneumonia, Baidu Apollo platform eco partners Neolithic, intelligent travellers, Jinlong bus, Qingdao science and technology, Chinese medicine eye and white rhinoceros have already put the unmanned vehicle into the forefront of epidemic prevention, and have undertaken the tasks of delivering meals, disinfecting and distributing logistics.

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